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The Secret To Successful Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 11 Apr 2017

Hiring processes aren’t working.  Growing numbers of new recruits are leaving their jobs, candidates are frustrated by the lack of response from HR and the job interview has been classed as ‘useless’.

A new survey from REC[1] also found that the availability of temporary staff has fallen at its strongest pace in over a year. A similar drop in qualified candidates for permanent jobs was also recorded. Throw in the implications of Brexit on staffing following the triggering of Article 50 and HR is facing challenges from all angles.

Recruitment software enables HR focus on responding to those challenges but 48% of talent acquisition professionals  still do not use applicant tracking software to support their recruitment processes. Without technology your ability to accurately assess problematic areas in hiring and effectively screen talent is limited.

Investment in HR technology is the secret to successful talent acquisition, rapidly transforming your hiring process in three simple ways:-

HR technology frees up vital time

HR professionals spend up to two days each week on mundane administrative processes which slow down recruitment and affect your ability to source qualified candidates. HR software takes care of the time consuming tasks involved in the recruitment cycle such as initial screening, responding to candidates and processing critical elements of onboarding including automated DBS and reference checks. Highly qualified candidates, such as those sourced through employee referrals, are also tagged and tracked through applicant tracking software.Hiring teams are then free to focus on employer branding, perfecting the candidate experience and analysing and applying the information in their recruitment data.

Recruitment analytics within your HR software provide vital insight into the key metrics, including time to hire, job offer to acceptance ratio and the point at which qualified job seekers are leaving your talent pipeline

It reduces the reliance on the job interview

The New York Times criticises the use of ‘free form unstructured interviews’ in a recent article which investigates what is described as the ‘utter uselessness’ of the job interview. It suggests that interviews can undercut the impact of ‘other, more valuable information about interviewees’.

Part of the problem at the interview stage is the natural unconscious bias that we all carry which is further compounded by a lack of hiring experience among employers.

Approximately 40% of hiring managers either have no formal interview training or are just not good interviewers but nearly three quarters of hiring decisions are based on the interview. Consequently hiring professionals and recruiters tend to hire people like themselves or those who they strike up a rapport with during an interview. A gap in qualifications or vague details within a CV are overlooked because of the candidate’s ability to ‘get on’ with the hiring manager.

Evidence based decisions derived from the data in recruitment analytics will improve hiring outcomes and reduce the number of new hires that leave within the first six months. Algorithms in recruitment software have been proven to make more successful decisions on candidate selection than HR on at least one occasion.

Screening is faster and more effective

The article also concludes by emphasising the need for formal structured interviews to reduce bias in assessment by asking the same questions of each candidate. Asynchronous video interviews can carry out part of this task effectively for HR as an extension of the screening process. Incorporate video screening within your existing recruitment software. Online personality and psychometric tests create an additional layer of screening to support final candidate selection, particularly with regard to that all important culture fit.

Learn the secret to successful talent acquisition. Invest in world class recruitment software that helps you to hire better people faster. Start your 30 day free trial with Advorto today.

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