Does Your HR Software Pass The Test?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 5 Apr 2016

Employers often invest in technology expecting an instant transformation in their hiring processes, without assessing whether it’s the right software for their business. Modern HR technology should offer all of the benefits listed below and more. Does your HR software pass the test?

Better efficiency : HR spends an estimated two days per week on tedious admin tasks which hinder its ability to add value to business strategies or source top talent. Your recruitment software should automate mundane processes so HR can focus on what’s important. If it isn’t reducing the time you’re spending on basic tasks, it’s time to change.

Improves employer brand : The majority of companies underestimate the value of their brand image. A poor employer brand adds around 10% to your cost of hire. Sophisticated recruitment software offers a seamless transition from your corporate website to a branded careers site with a clean interface and provides a positive start to the candidate experience.

Offers instant, live updates : Your HR software should provide you with key recruitment analytics to help you identify the weak links in your hiring chain. Top talent is only on the market for 10 days yet the average time to hire is estimated at one month. How can you fix a faulty hiring process if you don’t know it’s broken? Analytics gives HR essential insights to help you evaluate your recruitment performance and make necessary improvements.

Better compliance : A bad hire can tarnish your employer brand and as CV inaccuracies rise, compliance is increasingly becoming one of the most vital (yet ignored) elements of  talent acquisition. Recruiting software automates and monitors the process of essential background checks, such as contacting references and credit agencies, reducing the risk of a bad hire.

Tracks your candidate journey : Effective HR software provides you with a clear picture of a candidate’s journey into your recruitment funnel, for example, through an employee referral, jobs board or social media, offering two benefits to HR.  As well as identifying the most successful source for qualified applicants, it enables you to engage with and monitor the progress of talent in your pipeline.

Offers a rapid application process : If your application form takes over an hour to complete, you can guarantee that talent will abandon your vacancy in search of an employer who offers an easier experience. Your HR software must allow candidates to pull their application from their LinkedIn profile or CV and avoid the need for completing lengthy forms. A simple registration of interest function will also capture the attention and details of top talent, allowing you to follow up on their enquiry.

Puts the ‘human’ back in HR : The digital era has brought with it simplified hiring processes which some critics suggest has removed the 'human' element from recruitment.  We disagree. Far from reducing interaction with candidates to a series of automated messages, it frees up vital time, enabling hiring managers to spend time directly engaging with talent in your pipeline.

Carries out pre-employment checks : Pre-employment screening ensures the candidates you see are the best fit for your vacancies. Sophisticated HR software covers this often overlooked part of talent acquisition by allowing candidates to assess their suitability for your vacancy. Modern HR software incorporates Gross Negative Disqualifiers (GND) during screening. GNDs are ‘killer questions’ which help applicants to rule themselves out of the process if they do not possess mandatory qualifications, resulting in a better quality of hire after the initial screening is complete.

Does your HR software pass the test? Try our 30 day free trial today and hire better people faster.

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