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7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference With Your Recruitment Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 28 Mar 2017

HR software plays a critical role in supporting and improving hiring processes but KornFerry’s FutureStep Survey[1] found that nearly half of talent acquisition professionals (48%) are not using applicant tracking software in recruitment.

If you’re still new to recruitment software and finding your way around your own system, take advantage of these subtle changes that will boost your hiring success:-

Adjust your screening filters : The use of anonymised CVs in hiring has been adopted by major organisations to reduce unconscious bias and source qualified job applicants. Adjusting the screening filters in your applicant tracking software enables you to expand your talent pool and improves diversity in your hiring process. Re-evaluate your job criteria and consider removing screening elements such as your graduate filter, education and age of your candidates.

Fast track talent : Unemployment levels are at a record low and the number of advertised vacancies continues to grow. High achievers will only be on the jobs market for a short while. Tagging qualified or referred candidates enables you to fast track talent through your pipeline and make a rapid evaluation on their suitability for your vacancy.

Create your own talent pool : Access to your own talent pool is essential to meet future skills needs within your business. The growth in digital tech jobs alone is expected to outstrip the number of qualified candidates available this year. Provide a straightforward registration of interest for talent to submit their contact details to your business and create your own talent bank of qualified candidates for future vacancies. The data in your recruitment software will also identify close match applicants in your recruitment funnel who may turn out to be the ideal candidate for future vacancies.

Review job postings : One inappropriate job advert can damage your employer brand as we saw with Subway and more recently with claims that Pret-A-Manager initially planned to pay 16-18 year olds on work experience ‘in sandwiches’. Take advantage of the hiring manager portal in your recruitment software to ensure that all of your job posts are in alignment with your brand message,  comply with company guidelines and meet the UK’s discrimination laws.

Incorporate video screening : The KornFerry survey also found that only around one in four (28%)  employers use video interview or online assessments during the hiring process yet these tools offer a faster and more effective way of candidate screening. They also reduce costs by eliminating the need for candidates to attend in-person interviews during the initial stages and can help to reduce bias in hiring. Advorto offers video interviewing through Marketplace, our unique online recruitment services facility which can be integrated in your applicant tracking software.

Incorporate onboarding : Onboarding is the final, vital part of the hiring process and begins at the point that the candidate accepts your job offer. Recruitment software takes care of the administrative elements of onboarding such as reference requests and issuing relevant paperwork, allowing HR to focus on integrating your new hire into their new role as quickly as seamlessly as possible.

Opt for a cloud based system : The growth of cloud software was identified as one of the biggest HR tech trends for 2017 and the market is expected to accelerate rapidly this year. When selecting your recruitment software, opt for a cloud based service for better flexibility, agility and scalability to meet the increasing demands on today’s talent acquisition professionals.

Make a difference to your recruitment software by investing in world class HR technology from Advorto. Contact us today to start your 30 day free trial.  

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