How To Improve Your Candidate Response

Posted by Kate Smedley on 22 Mar 2017

Attracting qualified candidates to job posts is becoming more of a challenge for UK employers. Last week, unemployment fell to its joint lowest level since 1975. According to the Office for National Statistics, employment now stands at a record high of 31.85m after 92,000 new jobs were created in the three months to January 2017. More people secured full-time positions too, suggesting that the quality of available jobs is also improving.  

As competition for talent intensifies, we outline five key steps to improve candidate response to your job posts.

Avoid the Subway problem : Fast food chain Subway received significant criticism recently over its advert for Sandwich Artist apprentices which required young people to carry out exactly the same tasks as current employees for an hourly pay rate of £3.50. Although the rate reflects the current salary for apprentices, the brand was criticised for ‘stretching the definition of apprenticeship to breaking point’. The adverts have since been withdrawn but made national news headlines so the potential damage to Subway's employer brand is unavoidable. Ensure your job posts are compliant and promote a positive brand image. HR technology with an integrated hiring manager portal will ensure final authority stays with the head of your hiring team to prevent a similar problem. 

Engage with candidates throughout the hiring process : One in ten jobseekers admits failing to turn up to interviews at the last minute according to new research from CV Library. Some simply changed their minds about the job, however, the failure of interviewers to respond to messages or engage with candidates through the hiring process were also key reasons for giving up before the interview. Recruitment software automates personalised e-mails and text messages to ensure candidates receive regular updates on the progress of their job application and reduce the number of no-shows. Our infographic also provides more tips on how to prevent your candidates going AWOL on the day of their interview.

Cut out the jargon : Jargon in job posts is deterring jobseekers from applying to your posts, particularly young people. Confusing job descriptions and ‘impenetrable’ jargon that complicates vacancies unnecessarily could lose your company the young talent it needs. Abbreviations including KPI (key performance indicators) and SLA (service level agreement) may mean young people self-screen themselves out of your vacancy. An analysis of your most successful job posts through your recruitment software will indicate what is most effective for your hiring process.

Offer flexible working : The CIPD’s report into the true state of the gig economy in the UK suggests that UK professionals' principally use it as a means of topping up their current income, indicating a need for more flexible working in the workforce. Including the option for flexible hours or remote working in your job posts will again expand your potential talent pool.

Remove your ‘age’ filter : Research from Anglia Ruskin University suggests a significant level of ‘ageism’ in recruitment processes after a study submitting two identical CVs found that the older applicant (age 50) was 21.9% less likely to secure an interview than the younger applicant (age 28).  This supports findings reported in HR Magazine that one in five UK workers believe age is their biggest career obstacle. If your applicant tracking system screens out people based on age for reasons other than compliance issues you are limiting your access to potentially qualified candidates.  

Improve your candidate response to your job posts with world class recruitment software to help you hire better people faster. Talk to Advorto today.

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