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Your Ultimate Checklist For Buying Recruitment Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 27 Jun 2017

CIPD’s HR Outlook For 2017[1] found that many HR professionals don’t believe their existing HR technology is agile enough to meet their evolving business needs. If that applies to your business – or the advantages of technology have yet to reach your hiring process – how do you evaluate which recruitment software is right for you?

Here’s our ultimate checklist:-

Ease of use : Only 41% of HR professionals surveyed by the CIPD believed that their existing recruitment software enabled them to carry out their job successfully. Your technology should support and augment your hiring process, requiring only minimal training. How clear is the data provided through your recruitment analytics? How easy is it to monitor the progress of talent through your recruitment funnel? Recruitment software should relieve HR of the most mundane, automated tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on evaluating qualified candidates.

Social recruitment reach : Companies are turning to more diverse social networks in order to expand their talent pool, such as Snapchat.  How easy is it for your recruitment software to post vacancies simultaneously across social media sites or for your employees to share your open jobs with their networks? Three quarters of hiring teams have reported hiring difficulties in the last 12 months. Your ability to rapidly reach a broad talent pool through your HR technology will influence your talent acquisition success.

The candidate experience : As job hoarding and counter offers rise, the candidate experience plays a critical role in securing a job offer acceptance from your ideal hire. Outdated applicant tracking systems requiring the completion of repetitive application forms result in the loss of qualified candidates. Ask your recruitment software vendor to take you through a typical application process using their technology. The most effective provide a seamless transition to your careers site, automated personalised responses to job applications, the facility to apply with a CV or LinkedIn profile and are fully mobile responsive.

Up-to-date reporting functions : Understanding what’s really happening in your hiring process enables HR to implement changes where necessary to attract talent. Choose HR software which offers insight into your essential recruitment metrics. Investment in HR technology offers employers an ideal opportunity to examine and rectify roadblocks within their hiring process to avoid the imminent workforce wake-up call predicted by Mercer.

Cloud based software : Growing numbers of companies are making the move to cloud based services according to tech advisory company Forrester who expect the cloud based software market to grow throughout 2017.  HR software delivered through the cloud offers more flexibility, agility and scalability. To keep pace with rapid technological changes and a shrinking talent pool cloud based recruitment software should be a given.

Scalable HR technology : Your needs will evolve as your organisation develops and changes.  Your choice of HR software must be flexible and capable of responding to fluctuating business requirements.  If your recruitment process is still based on the same strategies you relied on five years ago, you’re at risk of a La La Land moment.

Transparency over pricing : Before investing in recruitment software, ask for confirmation of exactly what is included in your monthly fees. Advorto provides clear and simple pricing options on our website to enable you to budget appropriately and choose the service that meets the needs of your business.

A track record of achievement : What experience and understanding does your potential recruitment software vendor have of the problems faced by your business? Review their website, read the insights and advice offered on their blog. Find out more about the experience of its staff and the range of clients they currently work with and ask for case studies. With the complex issues facing today’s employers, you need a HR technology provider with a proven track record coupled with the ability to deliver seamless support.

Advorto’s recruitment software meets all the requirements of the ultimate recruitment software checklist. Founded in 1998, Advorto has delivered talent recruitment solutions for some of the world's largest organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, NHS, TSB and Virgin. Contact us today to find out more or to start your 30 day free trial.

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