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The 2017 Tech Trends HR Can't Ignore

Posted by Kate Smedley on 4 Jan 2017

Technology will yet again be the driving force behind changes to HR practice and hiring processes in 2017. Here are the 6 tech trends HR can’t ignore this year:-

Artificial Intelligence : Fuelled by the Bank of England Governor’s remarks that the machine age will ‘mercilessly’ destroy 15 million jobs, AI will continue to dominate recruitment headlines in the coming year. Fortune magazine describes 2017 as ‘the year of artificial intelligence’. Its inexorable rise in the workplace is emerging in the form of chatbots in hiring, Matlda the robot interviewer[1] and in the news that the world’s largest hedge funds company, Bridgewater Associates, intends to introduce a robotic recruitment platform to manage its hiring process. In the banking sector, RBS introduced online simulation (‘mind reading’) into its graduate recruitment process.

Cybersecurity : 2016 was the year of the hack. From allegations of the Russians hacking of the the US election to Tesco Bank and Yahoo, no brand was safe from cyber attacks. Your company’s ability to secure its data will be one of the major technology challenges in the next few years. It presents HR with the additional challenge of maintaining personal information and protecting the privacy of employees. A survey from Robert Walters and Jobsite Technology & Recruitment : The Landscape for 2017[2] found that tech professionals with cybersecurity skills will be in highest demand this year for over half of all hiring managers (54%). 

Mobile : 2017 will see the much leaked and anticipated launch of the iPhone 8 as Zenith predict that 75% of internet usage will be via a mobile[3]. Mobile offers an ideal platform for HR to collaborate and communicate with employees. A mobile responsive hiring process with a branded careers site and automated personalised messaging systems to connect with candidates is the minimum requirement for all employers.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) : IoT will increasingly influence recruitment and employee management through mobile devices, wearables and both virtual and augmented reality. The ability to manage basic information such as recruitment metrics is a starting point if your company is yet to embrace any form of big data or HR analytics. Forrester’s Predictions 2017: Security And Skills Will Temper Growth Of IoT, predicts that AI and machine learning cloud based services will increasingly be used to mine the data gathered from IoT devices. It also predicts an IoT data breach during 2017.

Machine learning : Machine learning is the fastest growing area of AI and predicted to be the biggest disrupter in big data and analytics this year. Described by Wired magazine as the ‘enabler of AI’, machine learning provides the algorithms that make AI smarter. For HR, machine learning speeds up the hiring process through sophisticated recruitment software, identifying qualified candidates who may be overlooked by hiring teams. It also plays a vital role in reducing unconscious bias, improving diversity in candidate selection. Algorithms within machine learning are used to predict a candidate’s suitability for a specific vacancy. In an earlier study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, retention levels among candidates selected by an algorithm were higher than those chosen by recruiters and hiring managers.

Cloud software : Forrester expects the cloud market to accelerate more quickly in 2017. Growing numbers of companies are now making the move from premise based infrastructure to cloud based services. For HR, recruitment software delivered through the cloud offers more agility, flexibility and scalability to create effective talent management processes and keep pace with advances in technology.  Cloud based software also enables HR to drive business innovation faster.

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