What Will Google For Jobs Mean For Your Online Recruitment Strategy?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 20 Jun 2017

A new survey[1] found that 86% interviews and 72% of all hires come from online sources. Identifying which of those sources is the most effective for your business is essential for success in talent acquisition. As Google For Jobs launches, where exactly should your hiring team be focusing its efforts?

Today Google announced the release of an improved job search feature rolled out across both mobile and desktop, one of the initial steps in its Google For Jobs launch. When fully operational, it is expected to work similarly to a normal job site enabling companies to post job listings and manage recruitment processes. Supported by machine learning, it aims to provide more tailored, personalised information for jobseekers, which includes an estimate of commute time. Initially it is partnering with other sites including Facebook, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and CareerBuilder. 

What does this mean for your online recruitment strategy? 

The dominance of Indeed?

Like Facebook at Work, Google will go 'live' in the US prior to its international release. Meanwhile, Indeed’s dominance continues to grow. Latest figures reveal the following:-

  • Indeed delivered 65% of all hires sourced online in the US in 2016, reportedly six times as many as CareerBuilder in second place.
  • It also delivered 72% of all interviews from jobs sites in the US – more than 7 times more than LinkedIn.
  • 200 million job seekers reportedly use the site each month
  • The number of jobs posted per second on the site has increased to 9.8.
  • Indeed also claims a 90% response rate on its tech recruitment dedicated page, Indeed Prime.

Ensuring your job post stands out from the crowd across the site is a priority for hiring teams keen to source talent quickly.   

Elsewhere, LinkedIn will also remain a primary online recruitment source for UK employers, although one of the major challenges facing the professional networking site is the average age of its users (44). 

At the beginning of last year the most popular job boards in the UK for jobseekers were:-

  • Indeed

Your HR analytics will identify the most successful job boards for your business but should be measured based on your quality of hire, rather than quantity of your applicants.

Improving your online recruitment success

In addition, the following steps can improve your online recruitment success:-

Know your market : Innovative employers who incorporate evidence based HR in their talent acquisition strategy extend their job search to ‘less obvious’ online recruitment sources.  For example, it emerged last week that McDonald’s are turning to Snapchat to recruit 250,000 employees in the US this summer through it’s dedicated  ‘Snaplications’ process.  71% of Snapchat’s users are under 34 years old. 45% are aged 18-34[2]. Your recruitment data will reveal the most effective online recruitment sources for your business.  

Understand current job search trends  : Job search habits of today’s candidates are fluid. Understanding your sector trends, such as, the most popular job search times, offering a mobile responsive hiring process and flexible working, are essential to compete for talent. In today’s candidate driven market the emergence of job hoarding is also a factor to be taken into consideration. An efficient hiring process acknowledging the trends affecting your business and supported by HR technology enhances your online recruitment success.

Invest in effective recruitment software : TotalJobs reported that some businesses were experiencing a 90% drop out rate in their applications between their job board to the employer’s applicant tracking system due to what it described as ‘ancient’ technology[3]. Support the transition of your candidates with recruitment software that offers a registration of interest and removes the need for complicated, repetitive application forms to improve your candidate drop-out rates.

For most UK employers, sourcing and retaining talent as uncertainty continues over Brexit is their priority. A recent survey[4] found that half of the UK’s top 100 recruitment firms are not ready for the new Google For Jobs service which requires a ‘Schema’ format. As the UK launch date is yet to be confirmed it is ‘business as usual’ for now while the impact of Google For Jobs in the US will be closely monitored by HR and recruiters. 

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