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What's Holding Back Your Talent Acquisition Success?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 24 Jan 2017

Last week’s figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed another drop in UK unemployment in the three months to November, by 52,000 to 1.6 million. The ongoing lack of candidate availability and concerns over access to skills is placing more pressure on HR to perfect talent acquisition strategies. What’s holding yours back?

Problems with leadership : Poor leadership is partly to blame for the predicted surge of jobseekers in 2017 but half of all candidates for management level roles don’t possess leadership skills. That’s according to a new survey from Robert Half. The CIPD’s HR Outlook Survey also found that over half of employers felt the performance management skills of leaders were ‘ineffective’ and just under half (44%) felt they were not adequate at managing people. Until attention is paid to issues surrounding leadership, your talent acquisition strategy will suffer. 

Limited selection criteria : Basing your candidate selection on just one or two criteria will increase your chances of a bad hire. Robert Half's survey found that nearly 40% of HR directors place greater emphasis on technical rather than soft skills – yet it also cites the lack of communication skills as a problem in recruiting leaders. Incorporating assessment of soft skills in your candidate screening will improve long-term hiring success. What's more, nearly two fifths of HR directors prioritise interview performance over other criteria yet supporting your decision with algorithms has been proven to improve employee retention levels.

No access to recruitment data : The CIPD found that leaders aren’t being given access to vital HR metrics to empower them to make effective business decisions. Recruitment metrics provided by your HR software provides that information. Without that data, your organisation is not adequately equipped to make vital evidence based decisions on effective talent management or retention strategies.

You’re leaking talent : Failure to incorporate succession planning and offer career development will prompt your high achievers to look elsewhere to fulfil their long-term goals. Losing talented individuals from your organisation impacts motivation and morale among your remaining employees who are likely to begin their own job search. Analysing your recruitment and workforce data will enable you to identify the symptoms and take action on resolving the cause with better skills training, ongoing career development and autonomy at work.

Online reviews : Prospective new hires will check out online reviews of your company before accepting your job offer. Consistently negative reviews from employees or rejected candidates who haven’t been treated fairly will jeopardise your talent acquisition success. Over half of UK businesses have been affected by negative online reviews in the past year. Millennials are more likely to post reviews of their employers online and one third may be put off by a high level of negative reviews. Employer brand suggests a ‘particular kind of employment experience’ – just what that is will affect your ability to find people with the skills your organisation needs.

Overlooking AI : PwC’s 20th Annual Global CEO Survey reports that only 38% of UK CEOs are investigating the benefits of AI and automation for their businesses. As AI investment is expected to grow by over 300% in 2017 compared to 2016, UK employers can no longer overlook its role in creating successful talent acquisition strategies. Investing in recruitment software is the first simple step towards AI and the transformation of your hiring process.

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