8 Quick Tips To Boost Your Employer Brand (& Attract More Talent)

Posted by Kate Smedley on 22 Sep 2016

Rejected job offers or a lack of qualified candidates applying to your job adverts could be down to one thing. Your employer brand.

A study on Harvard Business Review earlier this year found that a bad reputation costs a company at least 10% more per hire. The controversy surrounding working practices at Sports Direct illustrates the negative impact a poor reputation can have on an organisation.

Transform your employer brand with our eight tips:-

Promote your company values : New research released last week by LinkedIn found that over half (52%) of UK professionals will turn down a job offer if the company’s values don’t align with their own, or are unclear during the hiring process. Over one third of employers (36%) don’t mention values on their company website. Send the right message to the people you want to reach. Promote a consistent message on your job posts and ensure a seamless interface with your careers site for the candidates who click to apply.

Use video : Your people are your best brand ambassadors. Let your employees share their stories of what it’s like working for you on a day to day basis. Use features like Facebook live to engage directly with passive talent. Offer insights into your dress code, working week and flexible working policy. Employee referrals provide a better quality of hire. If you are rehiring former employees use their story to highlight the positive reasons of why they came back to your business.

Keep your promises : Employer brand by definition (via the CIPD) ‘promises a particular kind of employment experience’. What exactly that is may be defined by your hiring process. The candidate experience reveals more about your values and brand than your claims. Slow decision making, ghosting candidates, ignoring enquiries from jobseekers or an application process that requires multiple submissions of the same information will suggest a different kind of ‘employment experience’ to the one you’re trying to promote.

Brand your social media pages : Research from public sector jobsite, Jobsgopublic found that candidates expect the social media accounts of organisations to be an extension of their website. This requires clear company branding, regular updates about life in your business rather than a series of job adverts and prompt responses to enquiries from your followers.

Engage your existing employees : Promoting a positive brand image will only be effective if your workforce is engaged and happy. CEB’s Global Talent Monitor suggests that UK workers are feeling undervalued in their jobs.  Reconnect with your employees by building trust, providing growth opportunities and recognising outstanding achievements.

Look beyond the obvious : Promote your brand beyond the traditional social media sites to expand your talent pool. A growing number of recruiters and employers in search of young talent are using sites including Instagram and photo messaging app Snapchat to raise awareness of their brand and feature vacancies. Offer a snapshot headline of your job post to gain the interest of potential talent.

(Re)define your culture : A positive employer brand requires a positive culture but 10% of HR and recruiting professionals are unable to articulate their company’s core values, according to LinkedIn. Support your hiring goals with strong core values that meet the demands of today’s workforce and evolving hiring strategies and communicate those values to your employees. Flexibility, empowerment, development and mobility must play a significant role to reach the talent your organisation needs and attain your business goals.

Review your metrics : Track the success of your brand message through your recruitment metrics. Success doesn’t happen overnight, especially if your business has a reputation for poor working practices. Over time HR analytics will reveal what’s working and what isn't, allowing HR to adjust and create a sustainable, positive employer brand to attract more talent to your business - and save that extra 10% on hiring costs.

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