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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Recruitment Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 17 Jan 2017

You need to take recruitment software seriously in 2017. That’s if you’re serious about attracting the best talent to your organisation. If technology isn’t a priority for your business already, start thinking about it now. Here’s why:-

It identifies qualified candidates quickly

The annual January job seeker surge is coming to an Inbox near you just about now.  Gumtree is the latest site to report of a surge of job applications, with searches for jobs in skilled trades recording the biggest rises. Admin jobs, office managers and accounting also saw a spike. CV Library reported a similar boost in applicant numbers across a number of sectors. The only way to effectively screen high volumes of candidates and ensure you don’t miss that ‘perfect fit’ for your vacancy is by supporting your hiring process with recruitment software. Setting your specific company wide and job criteria saves time and ensures you see the CVs of qualified candidates quickly.

It tells you how flexible your business is

‘Work from home’ saw the biggest surge in searches on Gumtree while searches for part time jobs also rose by over 100%.  Last year it was estimated that employers missed out on as many as 1.9million qualified candidates by not including options for flexible working in their job advert. Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely may prove to be the key to meeting your recruitment goals this year. Your recruitment software will quickly identify the number of job adverts which offer this option at your company.

It gives your business a professional brand image

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ louder than a carefully designed job advert that entices talent to find out more only for them to arrive on a poorly designed website with no clear instructions on how or where to submit their job application. Recruitment software solves that problem, providing you with a professionally branded careers site which offers a rapid application process. Keep in mind that one third of jobseekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on an application form. Support your talent acquisition strategy with technology that captures the vital contact details of high achievers without the requirement to fill out lengthy forms.

There’s more chance of your job offer being accepted

A drawn out hiring process affects your candidate experience and is more likely to result in job seekers giving up on your organisation. HR directors take around four weeks to fill key positions but qualified candidates will be snapped up by your competition within days. Recruitment software speeds up your hiring process, fast-tracks talent through your recruitment funnel and increases the chances of your job offer being accepted by creating a positive candidate experience.

And your candidate turning up on the first day!

Your job offer might have been accepted but in today’s job market, that’s no guarantee they will start work on the agreed day. As skills become more scarce job hoarders are on the rise. As many as two thirds of today’s job seekers will accept a job offer and continue their job search. The more engaged you are with your candidate during the period between job acceptance and their start date, the more likely they are to fulfil their obligations to your company. HR can’t achieve that with a mounting pile of paperwork to work through. Recruitment software takes care of the formal elements of onboarding such as reference requests, automated reminders and ensuring the timely scheduling of your new hire’s orientation. In the meantime, your hiring manager can focus on what’s important - welcoming your new hire and building on a positive candidate experience.

Isn’t it time you thought more about recruitment software?

Think recruitment software, think Advorto. Our world class technology helps you to hire better people faster. Find out more. Contact us today.

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