Top 10 HR & Recruitment Blogs For 2017

Posted by Kate Smedley on 20 Dec 2017

A huge thanks to our subscribers and regular readers as this year we were named in the Top 100 Recruitment Blogs!

To celebrate, we recap the most popular articles we published this year:-  

  1. 10. 5 Reasons You Made A Bad Hire

The cost of failed hiring decisions regularly made the headlines this year and it was a topic we featured in April as 90% of business leaders admitted that retention of new hires was a cause for concern.

  1. 9. 8 Ways To Reduce Your Candidate Drop-Off Rates

As candidate availability plummeted to its lowest for 16 months in May, we offered advice on how to reduce the candidate drop-offs in your pipeline.

  1. 8. 4 Emerging Graduate Recruitment Trends

In February we predicted some of the trends that would impact graduate employers during 2017, including a fall in University applications and graduate views on the gig economy.

  1. 76 Things Your Candidates Want You To Stop Doing

The six bad habits of hiring managers and recruitment professionals – including failing to prepare for interview and ghosting candidates - caught your attention in September.

  1. 6. 5 Secrets To Better Employee Retention

Retention of new hires became a challenge for employers in 2017. This article looks at ways of improving that retention, including advice on paying attention to well-being.

  1. 5. 5 Reasons For Your Candidate No-Shows

As unemployment continued to fall and competition for talent intensified, we addressed one of the most frustrating areas of the entire hiring process, the AWOL candidate.

  1. 4. The 2017 Tech Trends HR Can’t Ignore

At the beginning of the year we featured the six tech trends predicted to disrupt HR this year, including cybersecurity and the expectation that 2017 would be ‘the year of AI

  1. 3. 7 Emerging Recruitment Trends

From retention of new hires to the impact of your office space on prospective employees, we examined 7 emerging recruitment trends in May. How many are still relevant to your hiring process?

  1. 2. Your AI Recruitment Glossary For Beginners

For employers new to AI and baffled by some of the popular terms, our AI recruitment glossary for beginners proved to be an instant hit.

1. Here’s Why Your Job Offer Was Rejected

Published a year ago today but too late to scrape into our Top 10 list for 2016, this article explains the (at the time) relatively new trend of job hoarding and other reasons for rejected job offers. It is the most popular article we’ve published to date.

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