The Top Reasons People Succeed In Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 18 Oct 2016

Over half of HR professionals love their job according to new research[1] - more than any in any other position. That’s great news for employers as happy employees are more engaged and more motivated to succeed. But being happy at work is only one reason people succeed in talent acquisition.

Here are six more:-

They engage in career conversations

Talent acquisition is about more than hiring, it’s about engaging with your new hires to ensure they stay. In its new report A Time For Action, the CBI highlights the need for engagement to drive productivity. The UK currently ranks 9th out of the 12 largest economies in the world for employee engagement.  A further survey earlier this year found that only 16% of people discuss career goals regularly with their employer, although nearly three quarters would stay in their job if they could at least speak to HR. Existing employees are the best ambassadors for your brand and creating a talent pool. Success in talent acquisition requires keeping those employees happy and having those conversations.

They deliver on their promises

Success in talent acquisition depends on building relationships with the talent in your pipeline. That means setting expectations from the outset and delivering on those commitments. Promising to advise a candidate of the outcome of their interview within 48 hours means letting the unsuccessful applicants know of your hiring decision too. Set up reminders through automated e-mail and SMS updates to ensure you meet your own deadlines. One further point, people who succeed in talent acquisition never ghost their candidates. If your HR function regards job seekers as commodities rather than human beings, your hiring process will fail. 

They understand the importance of flexible working

The CBI’s report also calls for flexible working options to be available at the beginning of the hiring process in order to expand your candidate reach. Less than one in ten job adverts offer flexible working options but the people who succeed in talent acquisition recognise its importance in improving diversity within the workforce and in creating a better work/life balance.

They measure their source of hire

Candidate scarcity is still the biggest challenge facing nearly three quarters of both agency and in-house recruiters, that’s according to the 2016 UK Candidate Attraction Report. It also claims that less than half of all in-house recruiters measure candidate sourcing channels, focusing instead on their careers site. Success in talent acquisition depends on your ability to measure your most effective source of hire. Without recruitment analytics, that’s close to impossible.

They value diversity in the hiring process

The CBI report found that more diverse working environments are linked with higher performance levels. Success in talent acquisition means hiring the best people based on ability, experience and culture fit irrespective of social or educational background.  Incorporating anonymised CVs, collaborating throughout the hiring process and adopting strategies to reduce unconscious bias are all vital to achieve this. The most successful HR professionals operate on that premise.

They treat technology as an asset

HR professionals are at their most successful when they embrace a data driven approach to recruitment. They know that paper based systems will lead to a poor candidate experience, lost talent and an inability to evaluate candidates objectively. They also understand the value of data to predict future hiring needs and avoid the problems that accompany a ‘reactive’ hiring process. A robust recruitment strategy is supported with comprehensive screening which includes the latest screening tools that technology has to offer, such as video interviews, gamification – and even text interviews.

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[1] Source : Emolument – Do You Love Your Job?

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