Haunted By Your Hiring Process? Prevent 'Ghosting' With HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 17 Feb 2016

There’s an emerging new trend in the workplace. Ghosting.

In the world of dating it signals the end of a relationship with an abrupt cut-off of all communication. Now it’s appearing in the workplace. A new survey from CV Library suggests that nearly 3 million people have ‘ghosted’ their employer, ie, left their job by simply not showing up for work.

As often in tales of haunting, all is not as it seems. The emerging trend of ‘ghosting’ in the workplace has its origins in the hiring process. The survey reveals that over half of job applicants have themselves been ‘ghosted’. Initially enthusiastic employers give false hope to candidates, only to end all communication without explanation. In the worst case scenario, which is a common complaint from job seekers, HR fails to even acknowledge job applications.

As figures released today reveal that unemployment has reached an all-time low in the UK and employer fears over a lack of skills restricting business growth persist, it’s time to put an end to ghosting.

Spookily, HR software helps you to achieve that. Here’s how:-

Responds to every applicant : Overwhelmed HR managers often can’t cope with the numbers of applicants entering their recruitment funnel so respond only to candidates selected for interview. Recruitment software with an integrated applicant tracking system sends an automated, personalised acknowledgement to every candidate in your pipeline but be aware that not all HR technology is the same. If your ATS is stuck in the 20th century, it’s unlikely to prevent you from unwittingly ghosting candidates.

Speeds up the process : Talent is only on the job market for 10 days but companies are taking nearly a month – or in some cases longer – to hire. HR software speeds up your process by moving candidates more quickly through your pipeline. A swifter response creates an impression of a decisive organisation that knows what it wants.

Improves your employer brand : At least one third of candidates expect feedback from an employer, regardless of the outcome of their application. Without it you not only damage your talent acquisition strategy and your employer brand but your talent pool will 'mysteriously' vanish. HR software enables you to provide feedback quickly and send regular updates to candidates on the progress of their application.

Prevents a negative candidate experience : A poor candidate experience will deter people from applying to your jobs in the future. Young people are particularly affected, with one in five put off by their treatment from a company during recruiting. There’s no excuse for allowing your online recruitment process to become a graveyard for CVs.  Transform it with recruitment software.

Enables you to manage and meet expectations : Candidates should never be left wondering ‘what’s next?’ Be clear on the timeline of your hiring process from the outset then be sure to meet those deadlines or explain the reason for the delay. Automated processes are the easiest way to provide reminders and updates for high volumes of applicants. At the interviewing stage, a combination of technology and personal interaction is essential to maintain candidate engagement.

Onboarding : If you don’t want to experience the humiliation of ‘ghosting’ by your new hire, treat onboarding as part of your talent acquisition strategy. Up to 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of a new hire but the good news is that 58% of employees stay with an employer for at least three years following a structured onboarding experience. Automate key processes such as reference checking to enable HR to focus on welcoming your new employee. Recruitment analytics will provide insight into the overall success of your hiring process, including onboarding.

Don’t let your hiring process come back to haunt you. Invest in recruiting software that’s used by some of the world’s leading organisations to manage their entire talent retention systems. Talk to Advorto today.

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