5 Facts About Recruitment Software That Will Put You In a Good Mood

Posted by Kate Smedley on 15 Mar 2016

HR is facing enough problems in the next few months. From a widening skills gap and the introduction of the National Living Wage to the small matter of the EU referendum, hiring managers could be forgiven for feeling overburdened. We’re here to make your life easier. If you didn’t think recruitment software could lift your mood, think again:-

It rescues your brand from an Eminem style rap : A Dublin based job seeker recently vented his frustration with the candidate experience by rewriting the lyrics to rapper Eminem’s ‘Stan’ in a rebuke to employers. Complaining about the lack of replies to e-mails, delayed - or non-existent - post-interview feedback, the revamped lyrics soon followed. Don’t hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. HR software with an integrated applicant tracking system monitors all of your candidates through your recruitment funnel so you don't miss a response again. It's guaranteed to lift your mood.

It helps HR to focus on its workforce : Nearly half of all employees haven’t had any contact with HR representatives within their company in the last 12 months, revealing a fundamental problem with employee engagement and a potential cause of low productivity in the UK. If that rings true with your business, don’t despair. The good news is that recruitment software takes care of the mundane stuff so you can begin to identify the cause of unhappy faces in your workforce – and start to turn that frown into a smile.

It’s your first step towards responding to AI : Mention of AI is met with a sharp intake of breath by most hiring managers.  This won’t have been helped by Google chairman Eric Schmidt's recent comments regarding the inevitability of AI in the workplace. In a Daily Telegraph article, Schmidt stated there is ‘no question’ that it will put jobs at risk. Less than half of all UK business leaders understand the potential impact of AI in the workplace. While there’s no escaping automation, you can take action now to gain invaluable insight into the effect it may have on your business and plan accordingly. Recruitment software gives you that first step towards AI, helping you to breathe more easily.

As a HR professional, you can get your life back : A new report suggests that one quarter of HR professionals don’t have time in their life for hobbies. The fact that over half of businesses still rely on manual recruitment systems means that most HR functions are submerged in paperwork and battling with administrative duties. HR software transforms and streamlines your hiring process so you can pay attention to what really matters - such as the candidate experience - and you can get your life back at the same time.

You (finally) understand what is happening in your hiring process : Without recruitment analytics, you won’t be able to work out where your best people are coming from or identify the problems in your hiring process, much less, understand why your people are leaving you. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends found that 32% of businesses believe they are ‘ready or somewhat ready’ for HR analytics, up by one third on 2015. Those are the businesses that will create effective talent acquisition and retention strategies to prepare them for the myriad challenges that lie ahead. All it takes to get started is an investment in recruitment software

What are you waiting for? Give your business a reason to smile. Take the first step into recruitment analytics with our world class recruitment software. Contact Advorto today.

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