Real Life Lessons About Talent Acquisition HR Can't Ignore

Posted by Kate Smedley on 24 May 2016

In an ideal world, HR has unlimited access to an engaged talent pool of qualified candidates just waiting to apply to your next vacancy. As most employers know, however, life isn’t like that. Recognising the realities of the lives of today’s professionals impacts your ability to tap into elusive talent in areas where skills are in short supply. Here are five ‘real life’ lessons affecting your talent acquisition success which HR can't ignore:-

Flexible working is inevitable : Progress towards flexible working is slow. The TUC recently reported that 1.5 million people work flexibly – an increase of around one fifth over the last decade. Less than 9% of advertised ‘quality jobs’ (with pro-rata salaries of £20,000 or above) offer flexible working according to job site Timewise’s annual Flexible Job Index. Employers who do not promote this key option are overlooking a vast, untapped talent pool that can address the skills shortage within their business. To access this talent community, ensure flexible working options are promoted in your job adverts and career progression is viable for all of your employees.

Carers are on the rise : As people live longer, an estimated nine million employees will also be part-time carers in the UK by 2037, according to the CIPD. At the same time, as the number of young people entering the workforce falls, HR must support working carers in order to attract and retain qualified candidates, while boosting workplace productivity and engagement. Your recruitment software will identify the most successful sources of your qualified hires. The introduction of flexible working is again essential, combined with practical support in the working environment. 

The pressures of parenthood : Some city based firms have introduced ‘parenting consultants’ for employees who have children later in life to help them to deal with the joint demands of corporate life and parenthood. The Office Of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the employment rate for women has now reached 69.2% - the highest since records began - making this an issue that is likely to feature more prominently in the workplace. With cases of discrimination against working mothers on the rise, flexible or remote working should again be considered an option to hire and retain talent. Meanwhile, HR should also implement effective wellbeing policies which acknowledge and accommodate the real issues many employees face in their daily lives.

Promote your benefits : Glassdoor found that around a third of employees are influenced by benefits on offer when applying for a job. For SMEs who can’t compete with lavish perks offered by global brands, take inspiration from examples such ‘Bacon Thursday and Hot Food Friday’, days off for employee birthdays or an extra day’s holiday for Christmas shopping. Automate your job posts across social media to emphasise the benefits on offer within your organisation and highlight just why your business is a great place to work.

People over 50 are an asset : One in four people in the workforce is now over 50 according to a new report from the CIPD. Striking a balance between your talent acquisition strategy and your culture is vital to manage a multi-generational workforce yet concerns remain over the levels of ageism in the UK. By 2030, the number of people aged 65 and over will increase by 50%. Remove age bias in your hiring with HR technology which allows you to select the best candidate for your vacancies and culture fit, regardless of age, gender or social background.

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