Before You Post That Job Advert, Here's What You Should Know

Posted by Kate Smedley on 5 May 2016

Indeed was recently confirmed as the leading source of external hires for the fifth consecutive year. With 16 billion job posts and 8.2 jobs posted per second on the site, here’s what you need to know before you post your next job advert:-

Avoid ‘innovative’ job titles : Indeed reports a 328% growth in job adverts using the word ‘jedi’ in titles or descriptions since the release of Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Other popular words include ‘ninja’ (including a vacancy for a ‘duct cleaning ninja’) ‘rock star’, ‘wizard’, ‘guru’ (declining in popularity now) and even ‘security princess’. While there may be a novelty value attached to them, stick with straightforward, searchable posts that will attract qualified applicants. Job titles with 80 characters or less were also found to receive the most clicks.

Highlight the benefits : Benefits are a major factor for workplace happiness for over a third of employees according to Conference Genie. Bonuses, health insurance and paid for breaks ranked the highest in terms of financial perks. A paid day off for birthdays and free meals at work also featured significantly in responses (Caffe Nero - who removed free food for employees in response to the National Living Wage - take note).  One in four would be content with free tea and biscuits. Be clear on the benefits available to prospective applicants.

Consider ‘salary negotiable’ : Opinions differ about stating salary within a job advert. Research carried out several years ago shows that by including ‘salary negotiable’ the gender pay gap is narrowed. The inclusion of specific salary details depends on your industry and company policy. Savvy candidates will look for more reasons to apply to your vacancy than salary; perks, benefits and culture will rank highly in their motivation.

Don’t be misled by headlines : The latest figures from Adzuna’s Job Market Report show that average salaries have dropped 2% since March 2015. Salary isn’t everything but don’t assume your posts will attract talent – or your job offers will be accepted – by offering low salaries. Our previous article highlights the high levels of vacancies (over 100,000) for entry level candidates in key industries such as public sector, IT and finance.

Promote your culture : For SMEs without access to the recruitment marketing budgets of global brands, culture is your secret weapon for attracting talent. Fintech companies succeed in luring talent from the banking sector by offering what their candidates want such as, a relaxed culture, on the job learning, career development, a chance to innovate, flexible working options and a working environment that promotes creativity.

Include flexible working : Conference Genie’s survey found that nearly two thirds of the happiest workers enjoy perks that involve time off.  At the risk of repeating ourselves, flexible working is one of the most important benefits you can advertise to attract candidates. The unhappiest workers state that the flexible working is their most sought after benefit.

Promote paid overtime : Recruitment agency Reed found that 20% of UK employees are working eight or more hours per week of unpaid overtime. Workload demands are cited as the main reason. Be realistic in your job expectations. Work related stress issues lead to higher levels of employee absence and is predicted to cost the UK economy £57 billion per year. The CIPD reports that healthcare and financial services are the most badly affected but one in five workers (22%) report the pressure of working hours as one of the top three causes of stress. If your company offers paid overtime, make that clear.

Work with peepl : Work with peepl. We offer a free service to help you find the talent your business needs. The next time you need to fill a vacancy, submit your job title to peepl – and your job description if you have one.

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