Why Nobody Cares About Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 22 Mar 2016

Nobody cares about talent acquisition. That’s the only conclusion we can draw after the latest survey from the Office Of National Statistics (ONS) found that nearly one in three workers are in the wrong job.

According to the ONS:-

  • 16.1% of employees are over-educated for their job.
  • 15.1% are under-educated for their job.
  • 68.7% are 'close to the average' level of learning required for their job - the lowest figure in nearly 10 years. For businesses to excel ‘close to the average’ still isn't enough.

Does nobody care about talent acquisition? Is plugging the gap in your organisation to hit the numbers regarded as a successful recruitment strategy? One unhappy member of staff will cost your business £16,000. That one person can cause significant disruption to your business. Extend that to a third of your workforce and the cost soars. 

Why does nobody care?

HR functions that rely on manual recruitment systems are likely to be too overwhelmed to evaluate what’s really happening to their talent acquisition and that's the only conclusion we've come to. But if you care about putting an end to the cycle of short-term hires, falling productivity, disengaged employees and constant disruption in the workforce, here’s what you can do to improve your hiring process:-

Understand the type of person your business needs : For hard to fill jobs, creating a candidate persona will help you to identify the person with the background, skills and attitude that will be a better than ‘average’ match for your vacancy. Recruitment software will help you to identify the traits of your most successful hires. The candidate persona delves into the experience, background and personal and professional aims of your ideal hire, including what they expect from you as an employer. In a candidate led market, you need to care about talent acquisition. 

Use social media : An effective social recruiting strategy will expand your talent pool. Who are the people who will make the best hires for your company? HR software will provide insight into your most successful sources of hire and automatically post your job vacancies to your those online recruitment sites. Find out what’s attracting qualified candidates into your talent pool through your social media and do more of it. Maintain engagement with regular updates and respond to questions raised by prospective candidates quickly and positively.

Create an effective job post : Your job post should be more than a checklist of responsibilities. It should convey a sense of your company culture and be easily scannable on a keyword search. Present the information in bullet form with bold type to highlight the key performance objectives and benefits of your vacancy. Make it clear why your company is a great place to work and show how you put your employees first. 

Be prepared for a background check : The emphasis has recently been on the importance of background checks during the hiring process but that works both ways. Before job seekers submit an application to your vacancy they'll research your company to find out what other candidates and employees have to say about your hiring process and culture. A recent outburst from former unhappy employees of IBM illustrates this point perfectly. Don't let that happen to you. Align your social media, job posts and candidate experience with your company culture and support it with HR technology. 

Acknowledge your applicants : Job applications greeted by silence suggest your business doesn’t care about talent acquisition. If prospective candidates feel that your applicant tracking system is just another black hole they will look elsewhere. Personalise automated responses to every job application to give closure to the candidates who don't match your requirements. 

Hire someone who is better than you : Show you care about your talent acquisition success by adopting the principles of one of the most successful brands. Step out of your comfort zone and hire someone who is more qualified than you. It’s one of Google’s top rules for candidate selection. HR technology enables you to identify the best applicants for your job and helps to reduce subjectivity in candidate selection.

Audit your hiring process : Companies who cease to care about talent acquisition will allow their recruitment strategy to slide. Like every function, it should be regularly assessed Recruitment analytics provide HR with the information it needs to evaluate and improve the hiring process to ensure a better skills match for your future hires.

Show you care about talent acquisition with state of the art recruitment software that helps you to hire better people faster. Begin your 30 day trial with Advorto today.

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