The Most Misunderstood Facts About HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 15 Nov 2016

Recruitment software sometimes faces accusations of turning the candidate experience into a robotic process but when used effectively it can transform your employer brand and hiring process. Here are five of the most misunderstood facts about HR software:-

It helps to improve employee retention levels

As the number of job applicants and competition for vacancies are both falling, HR must turn its focus to retaining existing talent. The uncertainty over the Brexit vote is also exacerbating the problem employers face in 2017. Recruitment specialists Badenoch Clark recently revealed the extent of the impact of Brexit on employee confidence. One third (34%) of the UK workforce feel less secure in their current job and one in five are now considering a move outside the UK to find alternative employment, a figure which rises among EU/EEA migrant workers. The urgency of this situation shouldn’t be underestimated. The UK was ranked 30th in this year’s Global Workforce Happiness Index. By automating time consuming parts of the hiring process, recruitment software enables HR to focus on the creation and implementation of an effective employee engagement strategy.

It ensures a personalised hiring process

HR software doesn’t damage your communication with talent, it enhances it. For companies overwhelmed with CVs, it’s impossible to personally respond to every single candidate but that is what job seekers expect. Applicant tracking software automates personalised e-mails to acknowledge applications, inform candidates of the outcome of the hiring process, send text message interview reminders and follow ups with post interview thank you messages. Whether or not you hire an applicant, their candidate experience should be a positive one.

It supports your employer brand

Prospective job applicants landing on a careers page that doesn’t reflect your brand message will move on in search of an alternative. Indeed found that the top performers are 46% more likely to be attracted to a new job by your mission or reputation and 10% less likely to be convinced to accept a job offer by an improved salary or benefits. A seamless transition to a branded, fully responsive careers site is part of this. Passive talent will be comparing what your company has to offer with your competitors. Use your careers page as a central component of your employer brand to encourage candidates to apply to your jobs.

It stops you spamming candidates

According to new research, only 5% of recruiters take the time to call potential candidates, resorting instead to attempting to engage them through online channels, such as LinkedIn. This tendency leads to increased ‘spamming’ of people with in demand skills, creating a negative perception of your company and your candidate experience before you begin. Streamlining hiring processes with recruitment software frees up hiring teams and recruiters to increase personal interactions with top performers to build trust and rapport and increase engagement levels.

It shortens your hiring process – with a caveat

Latest research suggests that the average time to hire now stands at 28 days. A prolonged time to hire has a negative impact on your business and will lose you talent. To attract high achievers in 2017, reducing your time to hire must be prioritised. HR technology will only help to shorten your hiring process when it is supported by an effective interviewing strategy that allows for collaboration and rapid decision making. Choose recruitment software that incorporates online assessments of job seekers and a self-scheduling interview facility for candidates following your initial screening. Put yourself through your own hiring process to find out what applicants are really facing when they submit their CV to your company. Keep in mind that most won’t spend more than 15 minutes on a job application. It helps to assess the effectiveness or otherwise of your current recruitment management system.

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