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4 Situations When You'll Need To Know About HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 25 Oct 2016

As the UK jobs market shows no sign of a post-Brexit collapse, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to source talent without the support of technology but too many employers still rely on manual systems. Until, that is, there comes a time when the need to know about recruitment software is unavoidable. Here's what we mean:-

When your cost of hire spirals

The cost of hiring a new employee remains at around £30,000 according to a new report[1]. This includes placing job posts where necessary, screening of job applicants, administrative tasks, carrying out interviews and the cost of onboarding your new hire. The longer a position is left unfilled, the more frustrating it is for the staff left behind and the greater the pressure on HR. Recruitment software takes care of screening time, sifting through CVs based on your preferred criteria and fast tracking referred applicants in your recruitment funnel. The cost of interviews is also reduced by automated video and text interviewing which allow for more objective candidate selection. Don't allow the cost of hire to spiral out of control. Get to know about HR technology. 

When you’re facing 'CV overwhelm'

Virgin Trains received 15,000 applications for just 78 jobs following a recent recruitment campaign for train drivers.That’s 200 applications for each job post. Processing those candidates without HR software makes the life of HR professionals extremely challenging and distracts them from other essential elements of their role, such as engaging with existing employees. Rapid processing and screening of job applications through applicant tracking software helps to create a positive candidate experience and eliminates time consuming and unnecessary paperwork. 

When you’re spending too much time on hiring

86% of SMEs spend an extra 10 hours during every week on their hiring process. A third of those believe they don’t possess relevant skills or have the time available to spend hours attempting to review a mounting pile of job applications. Over half believe this pressure results in the ‘wrong’ hire. A major difficulty encountered by small business owners is identifying qualified candidates among high volumes of applications.The end result often means going back to the beginning of the hiring process and starting again. In the meantime, that qualified candidate you’ve been attempting to find has accepted a job offer from a competitor who responded quickly to their application, with a hiring process supported by recruitment software. If that scenario sounds familiar, isn't it time you discovered the benefits of HR technology? 

When you recruit from the same talent pool

Bias in recruitment, whether unconscious or otherwise, is in the headlines again. Nearly two thirds of people aged 55-64 claim they have felt discriminated against in the hiring process on the basis of age, according to Totaljobs. Age is regarded as a distinct disadvantage for the majority of people over the age of 45, compared to younger job applicants. On a similar theme, in an effort to encourage employers to recruit the best talent regardless of background, the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission have launched the Social Mobility Employer Index to highlight businesses committed to improving social mobility. This move comes in the same week that the CBI called for 'name blind' CVs to combat bias in recruitment. HR software enables employers to adjust screening filters and ensure candidates are assessed objectively by removing names and social background in order to focus on skills and experience. Without technology you risk returning to the same, shrinking talent pool. 

Get to know about recruitment software before it’s too late for your hiring strategy. Discover what makes Advorto the number one choice of some of the world’s leading organisations. Sign up for your 30 day free trial today.

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