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Recruitment Software : 4 Things You're Forgetting To Do

Posted by Kate Smedley on 13 Dec 2016

Hiring optimism at its highest for 3 years according to a new survey from Manpower which predicts a rush for talent prior to the triggering of Article 50 in 2017. Your recruitment software is one of your biggest assets in beating this rush but it’s only effective if you take advantage of all it has to offer. As you review your hiring strategy don't forget these four ways to improve your success:- 

Evaluate your job board use : 81% of candidates have used job boards as part of their job search in the past year. There are more effective ways to engage with talent and streamline your hiring process than blanket posting across all job boards. Analyse the success of your posts with recruitment analytics and focus on the job boards which produce the highest quality of candidates. A new vacancy is posted every 8.2 seconds on Indeed so competition for talent is high. If your job posts are failing to attract the calibre of candidates your business needs, carry out a review of each one. Our previous article explores 8 reasons your job post might not be working

Create a talent pool : Manpower's survey found that over half of all new jobs created by UK employers in 2016 were filled by EU migrant workers. With this labour source at risk, creating a talent pool is vital to your recruitment success in 2017 but many employers don’t know where to start. Talent pools mean different things to different businesses but all of them require regular nurturing of talent with ongoing engagement and positive stories about your company. Automate personalised, relevant updates through your recruitment software and measure candidate responses in order to fine tune your message. A talent community may be something as straightforward as a database of e-mails of candidates with specific skillsets for focused nurturing. To launch your talent pool simply analyse the close match candidates from your recent vacancies and confirm they are happy to receive updates and news of future job openings.

Collaborate on vacancies : Making decisions in isolation risks an increase in unconscious bias in final candidate selection. Collaborate on vacancies with cloud based software that makes it easy to share and rapidly obtain post interview feedback for all candidates waiting in your pipeline. It also facilitates a faster decision making process and avoids losing talent to your competition. Support your process with video interviews that allow more rapid assessment and remote evaluation of candidates. Standardised questions also help to eliminate bias.

Analyse your data : UK businesses are slow to adopt the advantages that technology offers or understand the data provided by recruitment analytics. If you're new to technology, scalable HR software enables you to access critical data live from Excel. That is the starting point to identify hiring patterns that will show HR exactly where changes need to be made in your recruitment process. With two thirds of your employees planning to leave their jobs in 2017 accessing your data is one recruitment software tool you can't afford to forget. 

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