Forget Talent Acquisition : 7 Signs You Don't Need It

Posted by Kate Smedley on 27 Jul 2016

As uncertainty continues to grip the jobs market, employers are fine tuning hiring strategies but does your business really need talent acquisition? Here are seven signs you probably don’t:-

Leadership development isn’t part of your strategy : Successful businesses require positive leadership and succession planning to support their talent management processes. The Top Employers Institute found that 93% of the top employers in the UK prioritise leadership and management, with clear objectives for a leadership development strategy. Leadership was ranked as important or very important for 89% of global HR leaders in Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends Survey but 28% reported weak or very weak talent pipelines. Without effective leadership your talent acquisition will fall apart.

What interview preparation? There’s nothing worse for a candidate than to be faced with a hiring manager who clearly has no interest in the interview process. An article in Forbes features examples of poor techniques, including hiring managers taking calls and responding to texts during interviews while talking only about themselves. Research and preparation for an interview works both ways. Successful interviews require collaboration, attention to cultural fit and a clear interest in – and respect for - the person in front of you.

You weren’t prepared for Brexit : Brexit has thrown the jobs market and the status of EU migrant workers into uncertainty with frequent and often conflicting reports about its impact on hiring. HR must develop flexible strategies to manage potential skills gaps in what may turn out to be a prolonged period of transition. The CIPD reports that KPMG is the first organisation to appoint a head of Brexit. Before you create any new roles, your business needs to work on talent acquisition. 

HR doesn’t believe in your business : One third of UK HR professionals wouldn’t recommend the company they work for and only 37% would consider their employer as ‘attractive’. If this is the cause of poor employee retention and engagement in your business, priority must be placed on creating a happier place to work. If your hiring strategies are failing, you may need to take a long hard look at your business.

…and your employees don’t trust you : You don’t pay your employees on time, HR has forgotten what communication means and you forget the basics, such as a simple ‘thank you’ or recognition of team members who go above and beyond their job description. Is it surprising that one third of UK workers don’t trust their employer? Without trust, your talent acquisition strategy is a non-starter.

You don’t prioritise digital skills : The UK’s digital skills crisis is a real risk to business success but it’s something that only 38% of UK employers invest in. The CBI recently warned of UK employers being left behind if they fail to adopt digital technology but only 38% of UK businesses invest in digital skills training, expecting new hires to possess the skills their company needs. Businesses that fail to upskill or provide on the job training will struggle to retain staff in a changeable jobs market.

You ignore Digital Darwinism : Digital Darwinism describes the situation when technology and society evolve faster than a business can respond. Examples in recruitment include the use of wearables and virtual reality. KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook ranks technology second after the economy on business factors contributing to company growth. Don’t get left behind by Digital Darwinism. Take technology – and talent acquisition - seriously.

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