6 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Success On Job Boards

Posted by Kate Smedley on 14 Oct 2016

The significance of online job boards in hiring has been reinforced as new research has revealed that 81% of candidates have used them in the past year.

As many employers will confirm, job boards often result in high volumes of applicants but not necessarily those with the attributes and skills needed. An efficient hiring process combines posting vacancies to relevant job boards with sophisticated candidate screening, recruitment metrics and candidate management.

Here’s our advice to improving your online job board hiring success:-

Create a candidate persona : Developing a candidate persona helps HR to create a fuller picture of the ideal candidate together with more relevant job descriptions and job posts to attract that type of applicant. For hard to fill positions or jobs required in high volume a candidate persona is ideal. It is ideally developed from data provided by your HR analytics with educated assumptions about your ideal hire’s experience, motivation and personal and professional goals.

Use technology before posting : Incorporate vital keywords into your applicant tracking software to ensure the candidates you see are a ‘close match’. Sophisticated recruitment software incorporates specific online recruitment tools such as GNDs (gross negative qualifiers) which allow candidates to screen themselves out of the application process. Advorto’s recruitment management system allows the creation of ‘company wide’ GNDs, as well as vacancy specific questions. Following this week's debate over excessive numbers of graduates, you may also want to consider removing your 'graduate filter' unless it's vital to job performance. 

Research your sector : Adopt a focused approach to posting vacancies based on your recruitment metrics. Candidate availability fell for the 41st consecutive month in September. The more scarce the skills your business needs, the more focused your strategy needs to be.

At the beginning of 2016, the Top 10 boards in the UK[1] were ranked as follows:-

1) Indeed










Niche markets with skills shortages such as technology will require more insight and analysis into the online networks and job search habits of qualified professionals in the sector.

Review salary : For some candidates, salary can be the deciding factor when clicking onto your vacancy. A lower than average market salary will point potential applicants in the direction of your competition. Indeed recently launched a new salary search tool for businesses in search of data into current salary trends. If a higher salary fails to attract more applicants you might find our previous article Here’s Why Qualified Candidates Aren’t Applying To Your Job Posts helpful.

Be selective : Analyse the job boards that have produced the most qualified candidates for your business before posting to multiple sites. In today’s market, most candidates are regarded as ‘active’ . Nearly two thirds of people are open to a new career opportunity with some applying for up to five new jobs every week. Careful evaluation will empower HR to create a focused recruitment process.

Support with social media : 25% of candidates use social media and only 14% find it helpful but it is still a vital recruitment marketing tool. Over half of all jobseekers will turn down a job offer if a company’s values are unclear. Social media, coupled with your careers site, is key to their decision making process. A neglected social media account will do nothing for your credibility. An active feed shows that someone (or a team) in your business is dedicated to responding to online enquiries. Engage with your potential talent pool, don’t flood your social media feeds with automated job posts. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been the traditional 'default' sites for employers sourcing talent but Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and even Tinder are used by employers and recruiters to attract talent. Your candidate persona and recruitment metrics will determine which sources are most suited to your hiring needs.

Post your jobs to the sites that provide the best quality of hire for your business. Advorto’s recruitment software delivers analytics on demand, helping you to hire better people faster. Contact us today.

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