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Posted by Kate Smedley on 3 Feb 2016

New research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (AAPSCo) predicts that the number of job vacancies in the UK will continue to rise in 2016. As employers ‘scramble’ to hire the best talent to protect future growth and productivity, companies need to get comfortable with digital technology to remain competitive.

Video interviews are an effective way of achieving that goal. Here’s why:-

Faster hiring : Video interviews allow recruiters to manage the talent pipeline, reduce applicant volume and identify high calibre candidates in the fastest possible time. The more streamlined the hiring process, the more rapidly you can move towards your final candidate selection.

Reduced costs : One of the most popular benefits of video interviews is the elimination of unnecessary travel costs. Coupled with the requirement to record just one set of interview questions, the overall cost of hire is significantly reduced. An added advantage is that the candidate no-show is a thing of the past. Recruiters simply fast forward to the next interview.

Improved collaboration : Video interviews make it easier to involve everyone who needs to be included in this part of the hiring process. Text based or pre-recorded video questions are agreed upfront, ensuring everyone understands the hiring criteria. Candidate responses are easily shared, reviewed and assessed post-interview.

Perfect timing : Video interviews are scheduled by candidates at a time convenient to them, reducing anxiety and nerves, as the pressure involved in a face-to-face interview is removed. A ‘re-record’ option makes it easier for responses to be amended if a mistake is made. Depending on how close to a ‘live’ interview recruiters prefer, the number of takes can be limited, or the candidate may be restricted from seeing the question until they press ‘record’. For added flexibility, video interviews can be carried out via laptop or mobile device.

A global talent pool : As the skills shortage shrinks the candidate pool, employers and recruiters are looking further afield to source the best talent. Video interviews offer an effective means of sourcing international talent without the associated costs and geographical restrictions normally associated with global recruitment.

Avoids ‘death by interview’ : A time consuming, repetitive in-person interview process damages the candidate experience. With video interviews, the need for calling candidates back into the office to meet yet another colleague or for a ‘second opinion’ is eliminated, together with the ‘death by interview’ syndrome that costs your business talent.

Non-verbal cues : Unlike telephone interviews, video provides recruiters with access to essential non-verbal cues from candidates as they respond to key questions, giving it yet another advantage over traditional screening methods.

Access to top talent : Video interviewing provides access to the best available talent in the shortest possible time. For passive talent it offers a convenient, efficient method of interviewing that fits around their schedule. Integrating flexible technology into your hiring process also boosts your employer brand. 



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