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Posted by Kate Smedley on 5 Jul 2016

The recruitment market remains in a state of uncertainty following the Brexit result with mixed reactions from employers. Here, we look at some of the latest headlines and how HR software can help you to maintain a sense of calm during a period of recruiting turbulence.

Latest developments

The latest headlines reflect the ongoing uncertainty:-

Slower hiring : The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)’s latest report confirms that hiring for permanent jobs was slow prior to the EU vote, with downward pressure on wages. At the same time, a rise in the use of temporary and contract workers was recorded.

Sectors respond : HSBC is now ‘very unlikely’ to move 1,000 jobs out of London and Barclays has cancelled the crisis plans it put in place prior to the referendum. Similarly, Rolls Royce has stated that, as things stand, Brexit will not lead to job losses, restructuring or relocation. Sectors such as retail and manufacturing anticipate a less positive outlook. A skills shortage is expected due to their reliance on migrant labour according to the CIPD.

Overseas jobs searches are soaring : Last week saw a surge in overseas jobs searches on Indeed while the Independent reported claims that German jobs site Jobspotting received four times more visitors from the UK In June compared to May. At this stage, it is unclear whether this is a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to the Brexit vote or a more permanent trend for qualified professionals looking outside the UK to fulfil their career ambitions.

Stay calm with recruitment software

A degree of turbulence in the recruitment market is inevitable as a clearer picture slowly emerges of exactly what shape a post-Brexit UK will take. As recruiters and HR review the jobs market and talent acquisition strategies, recruitment software can help to maintain a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. Here’s how:-

Expand your talent pool : A flexible approach to recruitment will help your business manage this period of transition. Adjust your applicant tracking software to remove graduate filters and attract talent with vital skills, regardless of social background and education. Change the wording of your job adverts to attract contract workers with the skills your business needs. Sectors such as fintech rely heavily on freelance professionals to plug gaps in their requirements.

Review candidate turndowns : Recruitment analytics provided by your HR software provide a wealth of insight into the effectiveness of your hiring strategy. The level of candidate turndowns is one of the most overlooked aspect of HR metrics but with a trend towards candidates hoarding job offers, it should be a priority. A pattern of ongoing turndowns suggests an issue with your candidate experience or employer brand. Recruitment software can help to improve both.

Improve your hiring success : Equally, HR should be clear on its hiring success. A reduction in your time to hire should be qualified by levels of successful onboarding and candidate retention. If your new hires are leaving within a month of joining your business they may be job hoarders who have been holding on for a better offer or a rushed hire. Check your analytics to assess the most effective source of your high achievers and focus on engaging with talent.

Communicate with your talent pool : A potential exodus of key people means your talent pool must be a priority. HR technology enables employers to create and nurture a talent community which should be your first stop for new hires.

Use HR analytics to plan ahead : Don’t leave your hiring strategy to chance. If your business is affected by an anticipated fall in migrant workers or a lack of qualified talent, planning is essential. HR analytics helps to predict future hiring patterns and trends relevant to your business, providing HR with the ability to plan recruitment needs in advance.

Stay calm in a recruitment crisis. Support your hiring success with HR software used by the world’s leading organisations to hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today.

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