Talent Pools : Your 8 Point Checklist For Success

Posted by Kate Smedley on 21 Apr 2016

Competition for talent in the UK is expected to intensify. Two thirds of UK CEOs expect to increase their headcount, according to PwC’s 19th Annual CEO Global Survey[1], above the global average and higher than any other European country.

The need for an engaged talent community to succeed in a competitive employment market is one of seven key talent acquisition trends we identified in our previous article. Here’s our checklist for success:-

Create your talent pool : Many companies don’t actively begin their hiring process until they have a specific need, leaving a gap in their organisation that impacts morale and productivity. You already have a number of sources available to you to create your talent pool. These include previous ‘close match’ applicants to your job posts and those with key soft skills and the potential to fill future vacancies you anticipate within your business. Evaluate your unsuccessful applicants and request permission to send e-mail updates before adding them to your talent pool.

Evaluate your performance critical skills : To deliver a future supply of high achievers, a talent pool must be focused on people who possess the critical skills missing from your business. A candidate persona will provide detailed insight to enable specific targeting and generate higher quality candidate leads.

Avoid job spamming : If you consider engagement with your talent pool as promoting  a succession of job posts people will lose interest. Share stories and content that present a positive employer brand and demonstrate why your company is a great place to work. The next point epitomises what we mean.

Adopt the 'Game of Thrones' strategy : UK tech company +rehabstudio this week announced a half day annual holiday for all of its employees to allow them to watch the new Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere. The story went viral and job applications have reportedly since soared.

Don’t obsess over qualifications : Ask yourself whether those ‘must have’ qualifications are essential before eliminating potential candidates from your talent pool. Soft skills improve the chances of a cultural fit and you may need to adopt a ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ philosophy. Tech talent considers itself self taught in many areas, which won’t necessarily equate to formal qualifications.

Don’t dismiss active job seekers : Active job seekers often get a bad press in terms of candidate quality but the line between passive and active candidates is no longer so distinct. 64% of employees will explore a job opportunity according to a recent survey by Jobsite. Active job seekers are also more likely to accept the invitation to join your talent pool than passive candidates.

Select an appropriate platform : Choose HR technology with an integrated CRM (customer relationship management) tool to monitor and evaluate the success of your talent pool. Building and nurturing a talent pool takes patience, regular engagement and consistency in your message. Modern HR technology will enable you to automate updates but responses to individual enquiries through social media or e-mail must be prompt and personalised.

Consider peepl : For businesses without dedicated HR resources or with only occasional hiring needs, a talent pool isn’t always the answer to filling your vacancy. peepl is a free service to help you find the candidates your business needs. The next time you have a vacancy you cannot fill, or that you need to fill quickly, submit your job title to us. We can also work with you to create the perfect job specification to attract qualified candidates.

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Image Credit : www.123rf.com/profile_olivier26

[1] Source : http://www.pwc.co.uk/ceo-survey.html

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