7 Ways To Revive Your Candidate Experience With HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 31 May 2016

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) earlier this month show that UK unemployment remains at an all-time low at around 5.1%, increasing the pressure on employers to perfect the candidate experience. If yours is dead in the water, bring it back to life with HR software. Here’s how:-

Acknowledge applications : The silence that greets most candidates after submitting a job application is a common feature of most hiring processes. Don’t let that happen to your business. Acknowledge candidate applications and set expectations from the outset. There are two principal rules with communication, make it personal and timely. Avoid the classic ‘If you haven’t received a response within 28 days you have been unsuccessful’ response at all costs. Instead let applicants know they haven’t been invited for interview on this occasion and thank them for their time. Recruitment software enables you to automate personalised, branded messages to your candidates.

Say goodbye to ghosting : If you want to dismantle your employer brand and your candidate experience in one easy step, ghosting is the key. Ghosting is the relatively recent phenomenon of employers and recruiters abruptly ceasing all contact with prospective candidates after conversations or interviews have taken place. HR software helps to prevent this practice by maintaining that all important communication with talent in your pipeline.

Provide post interview feedback : A survey carried out by REC found that one third of candidates would appreciate post interview feedback, regardless of the outcome of their application. If you’re knee deep in paperwork searching for your ideal hire, feeding back to rejected candidates is at the bottom of your to-do list. Allow applicant tracking software to screen and filter the most qualified candidates for open vacancies while you provide constructive feedback to job applicants - before negative reviews reach social media.

Speed up the process : Matt Charney last year reported that 43% of candidates spend 30 minutes or more on online applications, with 10% spending at least an hour. If you’re losing candidates at the final hurdle this is probably why. Use recruitment software which allows job seekers to apply with their LinkedIn profile or CV or. for talent on the move, a basic registration of interest.

Offer a social careers page : Online recruitment pages such as social media and job boards all lead back to your careers page which should be branded. Recruitment software provides a seamless transition to your careers site. Include links to your blog, images and content about your company that’s relevant to your candidates and be prepared to respond quickly to enquiries with a personalised message or e-mail.

Mobile recruiting  (again) : Deloitte’s 2015 Mobile Consumer Survey reports that people in the UK look at their smartphones one billion times a day collectively but less than half of businesses offer the facility to apply for jobs via their mobile device. The absence of a mobile recruitment platform brings the whole application process – and the candidate experience - to a grinding halt. Modern HR software incorporates full functionality for candidates and hiring managers across all mobile devices.

Enhancing the human element : The majority of job applicants never have any contact from a member of HR during the recruitment process at all.  For ‘close match’ candidates who possess skills and qualifications for your potential future hiring needs, a telephone call from HR is worth the time and commitment. Recruitment software takes care of the boring and mundane aspects of HR's function, freeing up time to make those all important calls. Include prospective hires in your talent community and provide regular updates on company events and vacancies to leave a positive impression of your employer brand.

Transform your candidate experience with recruitment software that brings your entire talent recruitment cycle back to life. Contact Advorto today.

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