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5 Talent Acquisition Strategies To Boost Your Hiring Confidence

Posted by Kate Smedley on 14 Mar 2017

ManpowerGroup's latest Employment Outlook Survey suggests that hiring confidence is low in the UK, particularly in London and Scotland where it reports recruitment levels are at their lowest for three years. The uncertainty over Brexit is behind this fall.

As the future of the UK’s talent pool remains uncertain, it is critical for hiring teams to ensure a consistent flow of talent through your recruitment funnel.  

Here’s how:-

Create a compelling careers page : Your careers page plays a vital role in whether or not qualified candidates apply to your vacancies. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends found that over half of jobseekers spend time on your site reading employee reviews or searching for salary information. Ensure your careers site isn’t just a list of current job openings but showcases stories from employees (video is effective) and compelling reasons to work for your company. Recruitment software enables you to create an engaging first impression with a fully branded compliant careers website that encourages talent to stay on your page.

Research your market : Understanding the broader trends affecting your sector and your region will enable more effective targeting of your job posts. For example, a newly compiled survey suggests that the highest average salaries in the UK by region are to be found in Scotland, the Greater South East, the South West and both the East and West Midlands. The data in your recruitment software will provide greater insight into your hiring success, including average salaries paid per position, the source of your most successful hires and your turnover levels. High levels of staff attrition may be attributable to salary but other factors influence your hiring success. A recent survey from Indeed ranked job security as the priority among job seekers. For more insight into your specific sector, our series of in-depth industry reports is available here.

Be mobile responsive : We look at our mobiles a billion times a day collectively in the UK, most of us reach for our phones within an hour of waking. To engage with talent, your application process must be mobile responsive. According to LinkedIn, 89% of job seekers believe mobile plays a critical part in their job search and 45% search for jobs on a mobile device. The simplest way to incorporate a mobile responsive hiring process is through recruitment technology which offers full functionality on all devices for potential candidates and hiring managers.

Tap into public sector talent : The pay advantage public sector workers enjoy over the private sector is slowly falling and expected to decline to its lowest level for 20 years by 2020, according to new research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The IFS predicts that current government austerity policies will lead to a talent exodus among workers with higher skills including tech and HR to the private sector. Recent changes to the IR35 tax system affecting the public sector have also proved unpopular.

Adopt a long-term approach : A long-term approach to your hiring strategy leads to higher levels of retention and greater job creation. Companies that embraced ‘long-termism’ in hiring added nearly 12,000 more jobs compared to those that didn’t in a study from McKinsey. Investment in HR technology supports your ability to achieve this by enabling HR to identify and analyse patterns in your hiring process and predict both future requirements and potential skills gaps.

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