The Changing Job Search : How To Attract More Candidates To Your Vacancies

Posted by Kate Smedley on 7 Apr 2016

Job search habits and priorities are changing. Two recent surveys offer new insight into the time of day candidates are most active and what attracts them to vacancies. UK job board, Jobsite this week revealed that the majority of employees are in fact ‘active’ candidates:-

  • Nearly two thirds (64%) of employees will explore a new career opportunity.
  • 41% of those employees browse vacancies every day, with nearly 70% applying for up to five new jobs every week.

How successful is your company in attracting job seekers to your vacancies? The following insights will help to target your talent acquisition efforts more effectively:-

Post your jobs at the right time : According to Jobsite’s analytics the most popular time for job applications is 11am on a weekday. Putting aside the questions that raises about workplace engagement, it helps you to schedule your job posts across social media and your careers site to attract candidates at key times.

Be mobile friendly : The majority of job searches are carried out via mobile device. Your job posts must at the very minimum be mobile friendly. The easier it is for your candidates to apply using their mobile, the more talent your business is likely to attract. 

Understand what job seekers want : Manpower’s new report ‘Below The Surface : Emerging Global Motivators and Job Search Preferences’  found that three quarters (76%) of UK job seekers are attracted to a new employer by the type of job on offer. Flexible working, career advancement and benefits all ranked significantly higher than salary in making a final decision on submitting a job application.

Speed up your process : Reducing your time to hire by using video recruitment in early candidate screening is acceptable to most job seekers. It also allows them to progress their application without taking unnecessary time out from their current job, eliminates  interview costs and helps to improve employer objectivity in candidate assessment.

Consider the impact of your job posts : Ensure your job posts are attention grabbing for the right reasons with compliant adverts and clear job titles that are easily picked up by search engines. Focus on the main purpose of the role and what your company has to offer not just to entice job seekers but retain its employees.

Focus on soft skills too : A survey from Leadership IQ revealed that nearly half of all hires fail within the first 18 months of a new job, primarily due to their lack of interpersonal skills, which are ‘overlooked’ during the interview process. Emphasise the type of person your company needs in your job post, as well as mandatory technical requirements, to improve your quality of hire.

Make life easier for your candidates : Only 40% of job seekers enjoy the job search process. Make it easier for them by supporting your hiring strategy with recruitment technology which simplifies the application process and allows talent to register their interest rather than complete lengthy application forms.

Work with peepl : peepl is a free service to help you find the candidates your business needs. The next time you have a vacancy you cannot fill, or that you need to fill quickly, all you need to do is submit your job title to peepl. If you have a job description you can include that, or we can work with you to create the perfect job spec to attract the candidates you are looking for.

Find out more, visit peepl.com and submit your requirements to us today.  

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