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12 Tips To Reduce Your Candidate No-Shows (Infographic)

Posted by Kate Smedley on 9 Feb 2017

Candidates going AWOL on the day of their interview is a frustrating a fact of life (or the hiring process) for most HR and recruitment professionals but it doesn't have to be.

Reduce your candidate no-shows with our essential tips!

4 Vital Steps For Hiring Managers

Discover the four vital steps every hiring manager must take to prevent candidate no-shows

Delays in screening lose talent. The average time to hire is nearly four weeks. Tweet this.

4 Essential Candidate Preparation Tips For Recruiters

Find out how to avoid the candidate no-show for that hiring manager you’re trying to impress, including:-

Treat candidates as people not placements. Tweet this.

If you have a reputation for ghosting your candidates your no-shows will rise. Tweet this.

4 Tips To Guarantee The Second Interview

Discover the four barriers to your strongest candidates turning up for their second interview.

42% of hiring managers have had no interview training. Tweet this

Two thirds of candidates are job hoarders, follow up quickly to prevent them accepting another job offer Tweet this

To see all of our tips on how to prevent candidate no-shows in your business download our infographic here

Make candidate no-shows a thing of the past with world class recruitment software to help you hire better people faster. 

Contact Advorto today.

You might also be interested in our step by step guide to hiring better people faster. Download the infographic here

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