Here's Why HR Software Is The Solution To Your Candidate Turn-Offs

Posted by Kate Smedley on 1 Sep 2016

The jobs market remains competitive and candidates are becoming more discerning in the job search process.  As the number of job seekers is expected to rise during the next month,  HR software helps you to prevent the issues that put candidates off your vacancies. Here's how:-

Unclear job descriptions : According to CV Library, the recruitment process is the ‘make or break’ factor for job seekers. Nearly a fifth of candidates are put off from applying to a vacancy due to unclear job descriptions. Review your recruitment metrics to understand which are your most successful job adverts. Avoid quirky titles, focus on the benefits and ensure that what it tells potential candidates aligns with your employer brand. For high volume or specialised posts, a candidate persona enables you to focus on creating a specific job description.

Your salaries are too low : The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) reports that the level of permanent vacancies remains strong, overall salaries reflect a downward trend. Notable exceptions include the financial services sector with average pay increases of 3.6%. That doesn’t mean employers can ‘get away’ with dropping advertised salaries. It you pay employees at the lower end of the salary range for your market, you risk losing talent to your competitors. HR analytics will show whether your pay structure is in line with the market rate and quickly identify any correlation with high staff turnover levels. Data analysis enables HR to strike the ideal balance between pay and turnover.

No communication : Get your candidate experience wrong and it will cost your business the talent it needs. With HR software your problems with communication are solved. HR technology with integrated applicant tracking software takes care of this vital part of the process. Automate elements, such as, acknowledgement of job applications, interview reminders via automated text messages and updates on progress to all talent waiting in your pipeline. Messages are branded and personalised to add an essential ‘human’ touch to your communications.

Confusing employer brand : A poorly branded careers site will deter job seekers from submitting an application when they land on your page, regardless of how enticing your job advert appears to be. HR software provides an integrated, AAA compliant, mobile-optimised and fully responsive careers site to ensure that your positive first impression continues, offering a seamless interface from your main site.

Inappropriate job adverts : A poorly worded, offensive job advert quickly goes viral and make qualified candidates reconsider applying to your vacancies. HR software takes care of your job posts going ‘off message’ with a hiring manager portal to ensure they reflect your brand message and are compliant. It also enables hiring managers to create and approve requisitions, post vacancies, screen candidates and set up interviews themselves.

Meet the Netflix challenge : Asking talent to complete lengthy application forms isn’t going to help you find the skills you need. One third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes filling in an application form. HR software takes care of that with a straightforward registration of interest that helps you to compete with the one minute application standard set by Netflix!

Don’t let your recruitment process turn off your candidates. Invest in HR software used by some of the world’s leading organisations. Start your 30 day free trial today.

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