Hire Better People Faster With Advorto (Infographic)

Posted by Kate Smedley on 30 Aug 2016

Find the right talent and skills for your business doesn’t have to be a problem with our step by step guide to hiring better people faster!

The Vacancy

Find out the 4 vital steps you need to follow before posting your vacancy, including the secret to creating the perfect job description for those hard to fill roles. -

Qualified candidates won’t spend more than 15 minutes on an application form. Tweet this!

Screen & Select

Discover 9 tips to ensure a smooth screening and selection process to help you identify the right candidate for the job, regardless of gender, social or educational background.

Don’t fall in love with the candidate. Use HR analytics to screen and evaluate the most qualified job applicants.

Measure your time to hire and aim to reduce it. This is the most important change you can make to your hiring process. Tweet this!

The Job Offer

We cover 4 essential elements to the job offer and the importance of onboarding.

Don’t skip the background check. Two thirds of CVs contain inaccurate information. Tweet this!

One third of new hires leave within a year. Begin onboarding as soon as your offer job offer is accepted. Tweet this!

Hiring better people faster just got easier. Contact Advorto now to start your 30 day free trial.

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