Getting Your Job Posts Right First Time

Posted by Kate Smedley on 25 Apr 2017

In today’s candidate driven market, getting your job post right first time avoids critical hiring delays but for some employers this is proving to be a problem. REC’s latest Jobs Outlook survey found that 80% of businesses are readvertising jobs when they fail to fill a vacancy the first time around. Before you post again, here's our advice:-

Make it a permanent role : The recent negative publicity over zero hours contracts has affected the perception of the gig economy as well as short-term or ‘self-employed’ positions. A survey carried out by Glassdoor found that while there has been an increase in the number of gig economy vacancies, over three quarters of the UK workforce would prefer a permanent position. Job security is frequently ranked as a priority for candidates in deciding whether or not to submit their applications.  

Review your offer : REC found that 42% of employers raise the salary to secure their preferred candidates but there’s more to successful hiring than increasing your price. Candidates who accept the highest salary are more likely to move when an even better offer comes along. Some start-ups and innovative tech companies have introduced some unusual perks such as ‘hangover days’. Others offer ‘pawternity leave’, feeding the ducks and free Netflix subscriptions. While they might encourage job seekers to click through to your post, a branded careers site, career development opportunities and on the job training are more likely to result in an application. 

Offer flexible working : A survey from CV Library found that flexible working was the favoured benefit for nearly half of all employees. Offering flexible or remote working opportunities instantly expands your candidate reach. A report from Lancaster University’s Workforce Foundation published in 2016 suggested that this year would see a ‘tipping point’ in flexible working and predicted that it would become the main option for all businesses by 2020. HR software will provide insight into how many of your job posts meet this requirement. 

Review ‘must have’ qualifications in tough sectors : Tech is experiencing the most severe skills shortages yet a third of companies recruiting cybersecurity professionals insist on candidates being qualified to degree level[1]. Three quarters of female professionals in the UK do not have a computing degree but may possess relevant skills to meet your job requirements. If qualified candidates aren’t responding to your posts, try adjusting your screening filters in your applicant tracking software.

Don’t dismiss ‘close match’ candidates : Before reposting, review 'close match' job applicants who may possess transferable skills. Evaluate their potential through psychometric tests in your recruitment software. To further expand your future candidate reach, add a registration of interest option for job seekers who are interested in your employer brand but not this specific vacancy. McKinsey Global Institute found that, between 2001 to 2015, companies with a long term approach to hiring added nearly 12,000 more jobs on average.

Review your key hiring metrics : For HR teams following all of these suggestions and still experiencing recruitment problems, the answer may lie in your hiring metrics. Recruitment analytics in your HR software provides data on key areas including time to hire and the most effective source of qualified candidates. If you don’t have access to that key information, it’s time to consider supporting your hiring process with technology.

Get your job posts right first time. Invest in world class recruitment software that helps you to hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today to start your 30 day free trial.

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