What Everyone Gets Wrong About Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 26 Apr 2016

Talent management processes are in need of an overhaul. That’s according to Mercer’s 2016 Global Talent Trends Survey which found that 85% of organisations believe their talent management policies require improvement. Your recruitment strategy is a good place to start. Here are some common areas that (nearly) everyone gets wrong:-

Unrealistic job requirements : Many employers insist on asking for qualifications that aren't necessary for successful job performance.  A report from the RAC Foundation found that one in six job adverts require applicants to hold a driving licence, although the ability to drive isn’t essential. Your business may be missing out on talent. Review your job specificiation to ensure the skills you request are 'must have' rather than 'desirable' and adjust your applicant tracking software accordingly.

You’re wary of hiring smart people : Hiring people who are smarter than you creates a positive working environment. In a Q & A forum, Google’s employees revealed they are motivated to remain in their jobs by the creative thinkers they work with on a daily basis. Be bold in candidate selection – hire the people who can do your job better than you – and your boss’s job too.

Your HR function is biased : A recent CIPD article found that one in five women from minority backgrounds are changing foreign sounding names on their CV in order to improve their chances of securing employment. Take a step towards removing bias in your talent acquisition strategy by eliminating filters within your applicant tracking software to identify qualified candidates regardless of educational or social background.

On the job training isn’t on the agenda : Technology is driving workplace change but employers remain reluctant to invest in the training of digital skills, relying instead on new hires arriving equipped with the skills their business needs. For your talent acquisition to succeed, that needs to change. A new study reveals that employers can’t recruit sufficient numbers of qualified entry level employees in industries such as public services, finance admin or IT. They were just three of eight industries with over 100,000 open vacancies. Adopt a 'hire for attitude, train for skill' philosophy to expand your talent pool.

Time to fill isn’t a factor : High achievers are only on the market for 10 days and won't hang around for HR to make a decision on final hire. Support your talent acquisition with recruitment software that will identify your time to hire and take action to prevent talent from exploring alternative options. Lengthy job applications, a lack of engagement with candidates and too many people involved in final candidate selection all result in lost talent.

You don’t evaluate your hiring process : Job applicants are willing to give feedback to employers on the candidate experience, yet 80% are not asked to do so, according to REC’s ‘The Candidate Strikes Back’ Survey. Only by requesting feedback, testing your online application process or identifying key roadblocks through your recruitment metrics will HR be able to improve your talent acquisition strategy.

‘Death by interview’ : Successful hiring means a maximum of three interviews per candidate according to research from Behavioural Insights. Recruiting software will facilitate the rapid sharing of information to move job applicants swiftly through your pipeline and cap the number of interviews. Structure your process to avoid asking candidates the same questions at each interview and enable collaboration on final selection. 

No technology : The UK is falling behind with digital adoption according to the CBI. Automating talent acquisition must be a priority. Don’t rely on guesswork. It’s impossible to accurately evaluate what you're getting wrong in your talent acquisition without technology.  HR functions which refuse to embrace technology will be left behind as key skills become more difficult to source.

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