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9 Signs You're A Recruitment Software Expert

Posted by Kate Smedley on 24 May 2017

Are you a recruitment software expert or novice? Do you even use technology to support your hiring process? These 9 signs confirm whether you’re a HR technology expert in the making, or still hanging on to manual recruitment systems.  

You know your numbers per hire

An article in Entrepreneur magazine suggests that it takes 128 candidates to make one hire. That number is influenced by the source of your hire such as candidates from your talent pool, those sourced through recruitment agencies, or the level of your employee referrals. Your recruitment software provides live data on exactly how many job seekers apply to each job post and the source of your most successful hire, allowing you to focus on your job posts and perfect your talent acquisition strategy.

You prioritise time to hire

Recruitment software experts understand that time to hire is a priority metric for success. You offer a rapid application process, the facility for candidates to apply with their CV or LinkedIn profile and a registration of interest to capture the contact details of passing talent. You understand how long each part of your process takes, from screening to online tests and, crucially, the time it takes to make your job offer.

You dismiss the ‘one minute’ hiring decision

A recent survey found that on in five hiring managers make a decision on candidate selection within one minute of meeting them. HR professionals who understand technology know that candidate decisions made in isolation or based on gut feeling are unlikely to result in a successful hire. Your final selection is supported by the data in your recruitment software to minimise the risk of a short lived hire.

You don’t skip your reference checks

A recent report confirmed that thousands of police officers across the UK have not been vetted in accordance with current requirements. This isn’t a problem unique to the police force, however. Over 40% of UK businesses skip reference checks on their prospective new hires, or evaluate them based on their LinkedIn profile or social media activity. Savvy HR professionals incorporate the automated reference checking facility in their recruitment software to ensure this essential part of the process isn’t overlooked or ignored.

You fast track your employee referrals

Employee referrals should ideally form no less than 40% of your new hire intake. Talent sourced through an efficient referral stream generally stays longer with your company than any other source of hire. Recruitment software experts tag and fast track all employee referrals through their applicant tracking software to expedite their progress through your recruitment funnel.

You take advantage of pre-hire assessments

Best in class organisations are over a third more likely to incorporate pre-hire assessments in their screening than other organisations. Include psychometric assessments, situational judgement questionnaires and GND (gross negative disqualifiers or ‘killer questions’ related to your vacancy and company criteria) streamlines your screening and allows you to spend more time evaluating the most qualified candidates.

Your candidate no-shows metric is low

Candidate no-shows are a growing problem for most recruitment professionals but knowing how competitive your sector is you don’t leave interview communication or scheduling to chance. Recruitment software experts take advantage of the candidate self-scheduling function in their HR technology and set automated, personalised updates to keep your vacancy at the forefront of your candidates’ minds, including a final reminder on the morning of their interview.

You understand that HR technology isn’t an overnight fix

Investing in recruitment software won’t instantly transform an outdated hiring process that contains fundamental flaws, such as a poor brand image, a biased interview process or a company that fails to invest in training. It will, however, reveal underlying recruitment patterns, enabling HR to focus on those issues in your talent acquisition strategy.

You’re in the 12%

88% of HR professionals regret their choice of technology. As a recruitment software expert, you understand the need for technology to be easy to use, scalable and available for a 30 day trial period to evaluate its suitability for the needs of your business. You’re in that 12%.

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