The Biggest Problem With HR Software - And How You Can Fix It

Posted by Kate Smedley on 9 Feb 2016

An interesting tweet appeared on our Twitter feed yesterday, courtesy of Recruiting Blogs:-

88% of HR buyers have remorse about their tech decisions. Even with a margin of error that’s scary.

For many organisations, that one startling fact is preventing investment in essential HR software, even if it means being left behind as technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. It also sheds light on a survey which suggested that 42% of businesses recognise the usefulness of HR analytics as ‘important’ or ‘very important’ but less than a quarter have any intention of investing in new HR technology in 2016.

What’s the problem?

A number of issues are exacerbating HR’s reluctance to invest in HR software:-

Ease of engagement (or otherwise): Josh Bersin suggests we are in the ‘third wave’ of technology, a marked progression from licensed to cloud based software through to mobile. Success is evaluated on how your employees engage with HR technology. The easier your recruitment software is to understand and use the lower the symptoms of ‘buyers’ remorse’.

The illusion of an instant fix : Businesses sold on the idea of HR software as a panacea for their hiring woes will inevitably be disappointed. Technology helps to improve key metrics, such as quality of hire and time to fill, but it cannot do that in isolation. HR must first gather historical data on which to base its conclusions and support talent acquisition strategies with a positive employer brand.

No opportunity to trial : All too often, employers invest in HR software without the opportunity for a trial period to assess its suitability for their organisation’s size and hiring needs.

Preference for manual recruitment : 54% of companies still rely on manual recruitment systems. Enough said.

Assessing HR software

HR software is designed to be a cost-effective solution for hiring managers, offering the following benefits:-

  • Using a single platform applicant tracking system allows you to manage your entire, recruitment process in one place, from monitoring the progress of candidates in your pipeline, through to onboarding. With automated, personalised messages it makes for a more ‘human’ approach.
  • Easier communication of your employer brand across multiple channels, including social media and job posts.
  • HR software identifies ‘hotspots’ in the hiring process, such as time to hire. To put it into context, new figures suggest the best candidates are in the market for just 10 days yet the average time to hire is 27 days. Unnecessary delays will be detrimental to your business in every way.
  • Data is easily shared between stakeholders and a dedicated hiring manager portal gives HR the confidence that all job posts are aligned with your brand message. 
  • Only 47% of companies offer candidates the ability to apply for jobs via mobile devices. HR software gives your company a mobile responsive careers site and allows candidates to apply using their CV or via their LinkedIn profile. 

Striking a balance between ‘people’ and ‘analytics’

Your HR function is the face of your business and the first encounter talent has with your brand. To succeed, businesses must become adept at both analysing the information provided by recruitment analytics, carrying out in person interviews and continuing to engage with their talent communities to better understand the people behind the data. 

Modern HR software creates an agile, easily accessible, ongoing hiring environment complete with analytics, yet HR is still resistant to fully embrace it.  In conclusion, we refer you back to Recruiting Blogs:-

Everything's automated... except the recruiting function. How does that happen?

Fix your biggest problem with HR software and avoid the pain of buyers’ remorse. Our talent recruitment systems are used by some of the largest organisations in the world to recruit better people faster.

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We’ve also compiled a list of the 9 recruitment software questions you should always ask before buying it so go ahead and ask us.

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With thanks to Matt Charney and Recruiting Blogs for the valuable insight.

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