6 Things To Wave Goodbye To When You Invest In HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 19 May 2016

Employers who are serious about hiring the best talent invest in technology but, as we often observe on this blog, too many businesses still rely on manual systems. Recruitment software helps your business to eliminate basic problems in hiring - say hello to HR software, wave goodbye to the following obstacles to successful talent acquisition:-

Favouritism : CV Library’s latest survey suggests that over a quarter of employees believe underqualified candidates have been hired for jobs due to favouritism. Applicant tracking systems screen candidates based on objective criteria, helping to reduce unconscious bias. Take it a step further and follow the examples of global brands, including the BBC, who are the latest organisation to announce the use of anonymised CVs in hiring.

Mundane tasks : Basic tasks carried out by entry level employees are slowly being eliminated by technology in the ‘big four’ companies, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and Ernst & Young, according to an article in the Financial Times. This frees HR's time up to focus on more meaningful work, such as, having those all-important career conversations with employees and rebuilding trust in HR.

Missing candidates (1) : Over half of all UK workers spend an hour every day searching for lost documents. Say goodbye to the moment when that perfect CV goes AWOL. Recruitment software stores the data of your job applicants in one place, providing you with clear, easy to understand dashboards that allow you to rapidly review the status of all of your open jobs.

‘Mummy’s boy’ job adverts : A local butcher caused a recent outcry on Facebook with a job advert asking for ‘No drunks. No drug addicts. No emotional wrecks. No mummy’s boys.’ Recruitment software with a built-in hiring manager portal prevents inappropriate, non-compliant job posts that may damage your employer brand.  

Missing candidates (2) : Clarity in hiring, especially in understanding key metrics, means HR can pay attention to the pain points in your hiring process, ie, candidates abandoning their application or cancelling interviews. The candidate experience, the job application process and the brand image presented by your careers site are all vital elements of your recruitment marketing strategy. Or should be. If you’re unsure about the key metrics your company should be measuring read our previous article 6 Recruitment Metrics Your Business Needs To Know.

Unstructured interviews : According to CV Library, 43% of employees would support replacing interviews with a series of tests to remove bias in hiring. Online assessments within recruitment software help to streamline screening processes through applicant tracking systems but aren’t a substitute for a well prepared, structured interview. They will, however, filter your CV pile into a more manageable one of qualified candidates, based on your own pre-selected criteria. Choose the type of pre-employment tests you require potential candidates to carry out and incorporate those into your initial candidate screening. Combine online testing with practical skills tests; Ikea’s packing service provider Unflatplack assesses candidate skills by asking them to assemble a two drawer cabinet in a timed challenge. If you’re in search of ideas for unusual interview questions, you might find some inspiration from Apple.

Say goodbye to the things that are holding back your hiring process with Advorto’s world class recruitment software. Contact us today to begin your 30 day free trial.

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