7 Trends About Talent Acquisition You Need To Know Now

Posted by Kate Smedley on 12 Apr 2016

Staying ahead of talent acquisition trends helps your business to attract the people it needs to retain a competitive edge. Here are seven to be aware of right now:-

Your talent pool has never been more important

Don’t wait until your employees resign to nurture passive and active talent waiting in the wings. To succeed in areas where skills are in short supply, such as tech, banking and finance and healthcare, ‘pre-engagement’ with potential future hires should be an ongoing activity. A gap in the workforce impacts productivity, team morale and puts pressure on HR to fill the role, which increases the risk of a bad hire. Reconnect with previous candidates in your applicant tracking software who were a ‘close match’ for previous jobs. If you don’t have an existing talent pool, read our previous article 3 Keys To Building A Talent Community.

Flexible working options will help to attract key skills

Indeed’s Labour Marketing Hiring Outlook for 2016 found that the jobs which attract the highest number of remote and flexible workers are those requiring skills in short supply. The three most searched for occupations in the UK related to flexible working according to the report are as follows:-

  • Healthcare support
  • Computer and mathematical
  • Sales and related occupations

Flexible work options are vital for employers to address the key skills shortages in their business. Your recruiting software will provide insights into your most popular job posts as well as the skills and working preferences of your most qualified applicants.

E-mail is more popular than LinkedIn

The overwhelming majority of candidates (just under 80%) would prefer to be contacted via e-mail, which is considered to be a more personal way of communicating. Phone calls were the second most popular method of contact (38%), with LinkedIn and text messages preferred by around a fifth of candidates. Engage your talent pipeline with automated, personalised e-mails throughout the hiring process to promote a positive candidate experience.

Power naps boost productivity

It all started with Google, but now power naps are gaining popularity. Insufficient sleep results in a lack of focus, poor performance levels and affects decision making. A growing number of brands, including Uber and PwC, have embraced the concept of the power nap. Could it be the key to boosting creativity and productivity in your business?

Your candidates are your consumers

In today’s candidate driven market, every applicant is a potential goodwill ambassador for your brand, regardless of whether or not they are offered a job with your company.  Recruiters and HR managers alike must treat candidates as their potential customers. Like all consumers, candidates expect complete transparency from your business, including the opportunity to provide feedback on your hiring process and receive feedback on their job application too. 

Name-blind CVs will enhance your culture fit

Removing key facts from screening that may cause bias in candidate selection is essential to improve diversity, particularly for companies who have historically recruited from the same talent pool. Adjust your applicant tracking software to remove degree filters and names from CVs, following the examples of companies including HSBC, Virgin Money, KPMG, Deloitte and public sector employers like the NHS.

Job search habits are changing

No employer can afford to be complacent in talent acquisition. Today’s job search habits are changing. Recruitment data and reporting dashboards will help you to monitor the result of your efforts and adjust your hiring process to reflect changes in the habits of your job applicants.

Today’s most successful brands develop talent acquisition strategies with technology at their core. Tap into the latest talent acquisition trends with recruiting software used by some of the world’s leading organisations. Contact Advorto today.

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