6 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 19 Jan 2016

Perfecting your talent acquisition strategy isn’t a one-off task, it’s a work-in-progress. HR can be its own worst enemy in achieving that progress. A pile of unsuitable CVs and a growing list of rejected job offers suggests that your failure to attract talent might be a case of in-house sabotage. Here’s what we mean:-

You don’t ask for feedback : REC’s survey ‘The Candidate Strikes Back’ revealed that 80% of applicants aren’t asked for feedback on an employer’s hiring process. By posing pertinent questions about your candidate experience you may discover why your talent acquisition strategy is falling short of your goals. Be prepared for some candid and discomforting responses.

You dismiss the metrics : Essential metrics such as time to hire, cost of hire and the quality of hire provided by your recruitment software should underpin every talent acquisition strategy. HR analytics will identify just where your pipeline is stuck. Do you provide an online assessment which allows candidates to qualify or rule themselves out of consideration for your job? Are you offering a ‘one-click apply’ facility? Is your process long-winded? 20% of candidates in REC’s survey withdrew because they felt the hiring process was taking too long. Recruitment metrics will help to identify the source of the problem.

You don’t offer feedback : Candidates can take a rejection. They accept they may not be the most suitable applicant for a job. What frustrates them – and damages your employer brand - is the lack of post-interview feedback. According to REC, a third (34%) of candidates would welcome constructive feedback after an interview, regardless of the outcome.

You’re hanging on to your ‘degree filter’ : PwC initiated the trend towards soft skills by removing A Level grades from its screening process in 2015. Ernst & Young (EY) soon followed their example while Deloitte introduced the concept of blind CVs and ‘contextualised hiring’ in an effort to improve diversity and remove unconscious bias during hiring. Penguin Random House (PRH) has now joined their ranks by removing the‘degree filter’ from initial screening, together with specific A Levels and UCAS points. Group HR Director Neil Morrison observed that possessing a degree doesn’t always correlate with ongoing performance at work. This move is intended to provide every applicant with the chance to show their true potential, while improving diversity and social mobility in PRH’s talent acquisition strategy.

Your job adverts need work : Candidates want transparency in the hiring process. No job is perfect but a lack of clarity or detail in your job description will deter qualified jobseekers from applying. Your HR software will provide insight into the ratio of views to applications for each job post. If you’re lacking inspiration, follow the example set by global recruiter Randstad’s advert for a client's vacancy. The post claims the job is ‘all about work - and they’re not even paying for beers on Friday’.  They certainly can't be accused of lacking authenticity!

You’re trying too hard : Nobody gets it right all of the time. This week saw Deloitte’s CEO accused of issuing a memo described as a ‘classic in demotivation’. While well-meaning and intended to encourage Deloitte’s employees to buy into its intention to create an ‘exceptional, and consistent, global talent experience’, it appears to have had the opposite effect. Deloitte will remain a key attraction for global talent but it shows that nobody – not even pioneering brands – gets it right 100% of the time. Use sophisticated recruitment software that takes care of the basics, enabling you to gauge your employees’ mood and align your message with your company culture.

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