7 Things About Recruitment Software Your Boss Wants To Know

Posted by Kate Smedley on 19 Apr 2016

For HR professionals frustrated by their daily battle with manual recruiting systems, never ending e-mails and missing CVs, recruitment software is your solution. The problem is that you’ve yet to convince your boss of the value of HR technology.

To prevent the skills gap in your business from becoming a chasm, here’s exactly what your boss needs to know about the benefits of recruitment software:-

It frees you from e-mail oblivion

UK businesses lose £1.5 billion a year to time spent on e-mails. Up to half of the average UK worker’s time is spent on e-mail yet only 14% of those messages are essential to work activity[1]. Eliminating the need to manually type out countless candidate e-mails will free up time to spend on the things that matter to HR, such as rebuilding trust in the workforce. Sophisticated recruitment software automates and personalises e-mails to update and engage with the talent waiting in your pipeline. 

It makes the six hour day more feasible

As the pressure mounts on employers to provide more flexible working options, a new survey found that 60% of bosses would consider a six hour working day. By automating tedious tasks in the hiring process and improving productivity, recruitment software makes the six hour day a more feasible option for employers. Offering flexible working is no longer an option for companies serious about talent acquisition.

It reduces the risk of a £20,000 fine (or worse)

CV inaccuracies are on the rise, exposing UK businesses to fraudulent activities and non-compliance,but 42% of employers are still skipping background checks in their rush to recruit what they hope is the best talent available. Recruitment software reduces these risks and avoids the potential of a £20,000 fine (per person) for hiring illegal workers by automating parts of the reference checking process to ensure your hires are suitable for your business.

You’ll never lose a CV again

How many times have you set out to invite a qualified job applicant for an interview to find you misplaced their CV and didn’t make a note of their mobile number or e-mail address? In the meantime, that perfect candidate accepts a job working for your competitor. 57% of UK workers spend an hour every single day searching for misplaced or missing documents. Modern recruitment software won’t misplace your CV or lose that referred candidate who came via your Marketing Director – and it will fast track priority referrals through your hiring process.

You’ll have more time to focus on candidate selection

The primary reason that 46% of new hires leave within 18 months[2] is the lack of interpersonal skills that would make them a good cultural fit. Hiring managers running out of time to fill their vacancies overlook warning signs during job interviews. Recruitment software reduces unnecessary hours spent screening unsuitable candidates and incorporates online personality or psychometric tests where needed.

It moves you a step closer to 10 day hiring success 

The most successful employers move fast to hire top performers while they are still on the market, which is an estimated 10 days (against an average hiring process of 27 days). With a shortage of skills in sectors like tech and engineering, businesses must move quickly to hire talent. If you're relying on a manual process or outdated HR technology, the 10 day talent window will remain closed to your business.

It’s your first step towards HR analytics

PwC’s 19th Global CEO Survey found that 68% of CEOs report data and analytics the most important factor in generating the greatest return for stakeholder engagement. Data resistant managers must overcome their aversion to technology. Reliance on manual systems can no longer be your default position in hiring. Today’s applicant tracking software helps you to collect critical data that will identify bottlenecks in your hiring process, helping you to recruit the high achievers who will give your business a vital competitive edge.

Advorto’s recruitment software is used by some of the world’s leading organisations to hire better people faster. If you want your boss to know more about the benefits of recruitment software, take our 30 day free trial.

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