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5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Rescue Your Failing Hiring Process

Posted by Kate Smedley on 11 Jul 2017

As candidate availability declines again in the UK, investing in technology is HR’s first step to creating a talent acquisition strategy that works. Here’s how:-

Combat falling productivity and rising admin

The latest figures from the Office For National Statistics revealed that UK productivity has fallen back to levels last seen in 2007. At the same time approximately one third of working days in the UK (80 days or 636.67 hours per year) are now spent on administrative duties according to a new report[1]. Spending too much time on time consuming admin tasks leads to inefficient hiring processes, disengaged candidates leaving your pipeline and an increase in rejected job offers.  In its recent Power Up report, Deloitte recommended the automation of repetitive tasks as one its practical steps that could ‘help shape the UK workplace for future prosperity’. Automating those tasks through recruitment software is one of the first and most essential steps for employers struggling to attract qualified candidates.

Reducing the number of failed hires

The incidence of bad hires continues to disrupt talent acquisition strategies. UK businesses now fail to select the right candidate for two of out every five jobs with  85% of employers admitting to making a bad hiring decision. Too many rely on tired recruitment processes that do not reflect the demands or expectations of today’s job seekers or creative a positive candidate experience. The recruitment analytics in HR software enables your hiring team to understand the barriers to hiring and retaining talent in your business and create a talent acquisition strategy that works.

Predicting future recruitment needs

The latest Markit/REC Report On Jobs[2] found that candidate availability continues its ongoing decline while demand for staff remains at a 21 month high. Recruitment software enables HR to predict future hiring patterns and anticipate future recruitment needs ahead of your competition. This is urgent in sectors where the skills shortage is increasing. REC reported a surge in demand for permanent placements in the engineering sector while vacancies for temporary staff increased in the hotel and catering sector, closely followed by nursing and medical recruitment.

A faster application process

Last summer we reported on the need for efficient application processes as one third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on completing a job application. A rapid application process must now be a priority for HR. Recruitment software enables your business to offer candidates the option of applying to your vacancies with their CV or LinkedIn profile. Alternatively a simple registration of interest form captures vital contact information of talented on the move. To further engage potential candidates, a mobile responsive hiring process accompanied by a seamless transition to a branded careers site is now a minimum requirement for HR.

Improved employee engagement and retention

Three quarters of UK workers believe that technology can transform their working environment and their productivity. This is particularly true of HR as repetitive processes are automated, enabling them to focus on effective talent selection. However, KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Outlook survey found that 60% of UK CEOs haven’t invested in technology in the last 12 months and had no plans to do so in the next three years. As one in five employees leave their jobs due to the lack of digital tools available in their business, can HR really afford to neglect technology or automation if it is to avert a skills crisis? 

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