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8 HR Technology Terms Your Business Needs Today

Posted by Kate Smedley on 10 Jan 2017

Technology is rapidly advancing and for the HR professional still finding their way around recruitment software some of the terms used can cause confusion. We’ve compiled a list of essential HR technology terms for 2017. Some may be familiar, others may be new but all are relevant for your recruitment process this year:-

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) : This term is used in recruitment software to refer to an internet protocol to ensure data transmitted from a browser to a server is secure. Cyber security is expected to be one of the six biggest HR tech trends in 2017 and SSL prevents crucial data from being accessed by hackers. Advorto enforces SSL on all of its systems for maximum security during the recruitment process.

Unconscious bias : While it’s not a ‘technology’ term as such, it is a phrase that HR needs to become familiar with. Unconscious bias refers to the preferences we all have that influence our decision making. In hiring they come in the form of ‘confirmation bias’ or ‘hiring on intuition’. HR software is designed to reduce that by removing graduate filters in applicant tracking software or using anonymised CVs to create a fairer process. This is particularly important in the tech sector where the recent emergence of ‘brogrammers’ as a term highlights a male dominated environment.

Cloud software : Cloud software, also referred to as SaaS (Software As A Service) is remote software delivered to your business through the internet. 2017 is predicted to see a significant surge in the use of cloud software as growing numbers of companies utilise it in their hiring process. SaaS is supplied on demand and supported by your HR software provider. It removes the need for on-site maintenance or infrastructure and all updates are easily delivered through the cloud.

Gross negative disqualifiers (GND) : GND questions are used at the beginning of the candidate screening process to enable candidates to assess their own suitability for your vacancy based on key criteria. GNDs screen out unqualified candidates based on both company and job specific questions. Examples of GNDs can be found here.

Machine learning : Machine learning provides AI with the algorithms that make it more intelligent.  In recruitment, machine learning speeds up the hiring process through sophisticated HR software and is instrumental in improving diversity in recruitment.  

Tagged applicants : You may hear reference to tagged applicants when using Advorto’s recruitment software. This refers to applicants you wish to separately identify or fast-track through your hiring process. For example, agency candidates will automatically be tagged to distinguish their source of hire. Advorto’s recruitment software also allows you to track the effectiveness of your preferred recruitment agencies. Read more about our Agency Portal here. Referred candidates are also tagged to allow you to monitor their progress and fast track them through your recruitment funnel.

Data mining :  Data mining refers to the analysis and sifting of all of the raw data your company collects to identify underlying patterns in areas including hiring or employee performance data.  LinkedIn named data mining as one of the top ten skills HR needs to be hiring in 2017.

HR analytics  : HR analytics is utilised to solve HR issues by analysing and interpreting the data provided by your recruitment metrics. Analytical processes are then applied to business data, providing employers with vital information into the success of their talent management policies and recruitment strategy. HR analytics also helps to both inform future hiring practice and predict future skills needs.

Get to know your essential HR technology terms when you invest in world class recruitment software to help you hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today.

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