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4 Resolutions For Talent Acquisition Success In 2017

Posted by Kate Smedley on 3 Jan 2017

It’s the first working day of a New Year for many and traditionally a time to ring in the changes, but the issues facing HR have a familiar feel about them. Adzuna’s latest UK Job Market report revealed a 12 month high in advertised vacancies in November. Add to that the inevitable surge of January jobseekers as your employees dust off their CVs in line with their New Year resolutions.

Now’s the time for HR to make some resolutions of its own. Here are our suggestions:-

Engage with the talent you need now

Deloitte’s Quarterly CFO Survey published in December revealed that, while optimism is high, Brexit remains the top concern for UK businesses. This concern was reflected by the National Institute of Economic & Social Research which suggests that annual net migration from the EU may fall by 150,000. Don’t wait for your next employee resignation. Successful employers of every size are always looking for and engaging with talent. Utilise your recruiting software to create a talent pool, starting with ‘close match’ candidates from recently filled vacancies. The need for an engaged talent pool has never been as critical.

Understand what’s happening in your hiring process

The only way to perfect your hiring process is to analyse and understand what’s not working. Your recruitment metrics might show that candidates are failing to complete your job application forms but what is causing them to abandon your process? Closer scrutiny will reveal the roadblocks preventing you from sourcing talent. Is your job application process too long? Are your screening questions putting off potential candidates from applying to your vacancy? Is your interview technique lacking? 42% of hiring managers have no training in how to conduct effective interviews and a negative candidate experience at interview reflects poorly on your employer brand. High levels of job offer rejections from candidates are also an indication of an underlying problem. Support your talent acquisition with recruitment software that identifies key issues and automates basic elements of your hiring process.

Prioritise retention (and wellbeing)

As we begin a year that may well see a dramatic drop in the UK’s talent pool, employee retention must be HR’s priority. Focusing on - and nurturing - your existing employees is one of the most overlooked yet essential elements of talent acquisition. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2016 found that only one third (32%) of businesses prioritised employee retention last year. That has to change. Engaged, productive employees are also the most effective brand ambassadors for your company and a vital recruitment marketing tool. Employee wellbeing will play a crucial role in retention and should also form a central part of all talent management strategies in 2017.

Don’t get left behind by chatbots

As chatbots begin to make their presence felt in recruitment (featured in our article on HRTech Weekly), Bridgewater Associates - the world’s largest hedge fund, reportedly intends to introduce a ‘robotic recruitment’ platform. This new technology will be responsible for 75% of the company’s hiring decisions within five years. As hiring processes evolve, employers relying on manual recruitment systems risk being seen as irrelevant by high achievers. Investment in cloud recruitment software which automates routine and monotonous elements of the hiring process will help to streamline your talent acquisition and keep pace with changes in what may prove to be a turbulent year.

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