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Posted by Kate Smedley on 19 Jul 2016

For companies serious about sourcing the best people for their business, your next hire is a straightforward decision - recruitment software with an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS). Here’s why your ATS makes the perfection addition to your team:-

It identifies skilled people quickly : The 2016 CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey, taken just before the referendum vote, found that over two thirds of UK employers are worried about their availability to hire enough people with the skills they need. An absence of literary and numeracy skills is also a concern for nearly a third of businesses. Your ATS will rapidly identify the people with business critical skills, send out personalised, automated messages and incorporate online testing to ensure your candidate shortlist meets your key hiring criteria.

It won’t get distracted by a summer of sport : While the British Grand Prix, Euro 2016 and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph are safely out the way, the Olympics is still to come. Coupled with the traditional holiday months of July and August, summer sporting events often affect employee absences, resulting in falling productivity. In the meantime, your ATS stays dedicated to the task in hand, from handling internal staff referrals, automating pre-employment references or identifying recruitment agencies relevant to a specific job posting.

….. or Pokemon Go : Since its launch just last week Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than any other app, overtaking Tinder and registering more daily users in the US on Androids than Twitter. Its soaring popularity has prompted Boeing to become the first employer to ban its use in the workplace to prevent a fall in productivity or disruption. Your ATS is immune to the distractions of Pokemon Go getting quietly on with posting jobs to social media and your careers site.

It won’t turn out to be a bad hire : One third of new hires reportedly leave within twelve months and one in five are already actively looking for their next job. Think of your ATS as a key member of your team who won’t turn out to be a bad hire. All you need to do is onboard your new recruitment software system by adjusting screening criteria to meet company requirements and allow it to carry out the job it’s been hired to do.

It’s happy to carry out mundane tasks : Whether it’s responding to every job application or dealing efficiently with overwhelming numbers of CVs, your ATS is engaged in its work and won’t complain, go AWOL or make a mistake. Hiring managers can turn their attention to improving company culture and talent management processes confident that the basic jobs are taken care of.

It helps you to reduce ‘unconscious bias’ : Your ATS isn’t affected by ‘unconscious bias’ in hiring. It listens to your instructions and identifies the best candidates for your shortlist regardless of social background or unnecessary qualifications. The result is a better fit and higher levels of staff retention.

You can quickly check its performance : Regular check-ins are essential for performance management of all of your employees. Your ATS provides live data and insights into its effectiveness as required, including key recruitment metrics such as your time to hire, cost of hire and quality of hire. What’s more, it provides instant visibility on the progress of all the candidates in your pipeline, including tagged employee referrals, to ensure you don’t lose qualified applicants in a lengthy paper trail ever again.

Make your next hire an investment in world class recruitment software that controls your entire talent recruitment lifecycle. Contact Advorto today.

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