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7 Steps To Improve Your Quality Of Hire

Posted by Kate Smedley on 15 Jun 2017

Less than a quarter of UK businesses are confident in measuring their quality of hire but as the latest unemployment figures reveal yet another record high of 74.8% employment, it must be a priority for HR.

Follow these steps to improve your quality of hire:-

Review your screening parameters : Agreeing and selecting the parameters in your applicant tracking system is important to minimise unconscious bias and evaluate candidates based on their experience and potential, rather than social background, race or gender. As a further measure to identify bias and improve your hiring success, review the common reasons given for candidate rejection in your recruitment data. Reference checks should also support your final candidate selection, although these should be approached carefully to avoid bias or discrimination.

Evaluate your key metrics : Your quality of hire also depends on the fluidity of your hiring process as well as your employer brand. Additional key metrics which affect your talent acquisition success include source of hire, time to hire, candidate job acceptance to offer ratio and your candidate drop-out rate. The data in your HR software will enable you to understand the underlying patterns holding back your recruitment success.

Don’t rely on the interview alone  : One in five hiring managers make a decision on a candidate within one minute of meeting them, disregarding all other evidence or indicators which may suggest a problematic or short lived recruit. Making a rapid, impromptu decision based on your intuition or because you ‘got on well’ with the candidate is detrimental to your quality of hire, notwithstanding the additional disruption to staff morale and productivity. Support your hiring decisions with the data in your recruitment software. 

Include pre-hire assessments as standard : ‘Best in class’ employers incorporate extensive use of pre-hire assessment tools such as video interviewing and situational judgement tests to improve candidate selection. Pre-hire assessments can easily be integrated into your candidate screening through your recruitment software.

Review your retention rates : Low levels of staff retention are a clear indication that all is not well with your candidate selection. A quarter of all new hires leave their jobs within the first six months, causing disruption to employee morale and productivity and increasing hiring costs. An effective automated onboarding process is key to improving your retention levels and quality of hire Support your onboarding through your recruitment software to ensure that potentially successful candidate doesn’t turn in to yet another statistic in your mounting pile of departing employees.

Carry out exit interviews : Exit interviews provide insight into your candidate experience from your employee's point of view. Unrealistic expectations of the company culture and the job itself provided by HR during the interview often lead to disillusioned new hires. Adjust your hiring process to reflect the data gathered during these interviews and improve your quality of hire. 

Evaluate the quality of your data : The quality of your data is paramount to give an accurate reflection of what is happening in your hiring process. Employers who rely on manual recruitment systems or 'guesswork' will perpetuate the problems in their hiring process. The most successful talent acquisition strategies are supported by recruitment software providing real time access to your most critical data, ensuring a true understanding of your underlying hiring patterns and leading to a better quality of hire.

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