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The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Recruitment Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 21 Feb 2017

Cloud based recruitment software helps to make your hiring process more efficient but it can’t fix fundamental issues within your talent acquisition strategy.

Here are eight of the most common mistakes made by HR when they invest in technology:-

Your screening is too broad : Applying general keywords or criteria to your applicant tracking software will leave you with a mounting pile of CVs to review. Be specific with your screening. New research from the Aberdeen Group found that best in class organisations are 36% more likely to use assessments in the pre-hire process. Incorporate additional screening such as video interviews and online psychometric assessments available through your recruitment software to ensure you see only the most qualified candidates.

You don’t understand your market : Understanding your sector enables HR to improve the effectiveness of your job posts.  For example, the latest regional report from APSCo/Vacancysoft highlighted a significant increase (22%) year on year in new jobs in the retail sector while the professional services sector experienced a 9.2% fall in advertised vacancies. Regional trends also affect your hiring success. Uxbridge saw a rise in vacancies of 42% while the North East England and the West Midlands reported significant rises. Combined with the data in your recruitment software, trends will help you to target your job posts more specifically to attract talent where candidates are in short supply.

Your job posts need work : Recruitment software won’t improve the number of qualified candidates applying to your vacancy if your job posts are ineffective. Only 40% of job seekers enjoy the job search process. Make it easier for them to find your post by including appropriate keywords which will determine the ranking of your vacancy during their search. Avoid attention grabbing headlines and focus on the main purpose of the role and the advantages of working for your organisation. Analyse your data to identify your most successful job posts and apply the same principles to your future vacancies.  

You don’t see the need for a personal touch : Today’s candidates expect a positive experience during the hiring process and it starts with their first encounter with your brand – for many that’s your response to candidate applications. It’s impossible to interact with each individual but your recruitment software enables you create personalised automated responses to promote a positive brand image.

You ignore social media : With the news that Facebook is offering a new platform for organisations in the US and Canada to create job posts through their company Facebook pages, social recruiting should form part of your talent acquisition strategy in 2017.  Modern recruitment software enables HR to simultaneously post vacancies across all social media sites. Integrated sharing also makes it easier for your employees to promote your vacancies across their own social networks.  You can track the success of your social recruitment strategy through your recruitment metrics.

You still use manual recruitment systems for onboarding : Research suggests that as much as 20% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment. Take advantage of your recruitment software by automating the basic processes in onboarding such as reference requests and DBS checks. Effective onboarding ensures your new employees are engaged with your company before they start work. Your onboarding experience must reflect the promises made during the interview process which can only happen if HR has the time to focus on new hires.  

You expect HR software to fix your broken hiring process : Recruitment software can’t fix what’s broken but it will give you clear insight into the problem areas in your hiring process. Pay attention to what the data is telling you and make informed, evidence based decisions to improve your hiring success. Automating processes which don’t work will prevent you from realising the full potential of your HR software.

Don’t let simple mistakes get in the way of your hiring success. Invest in recruitment software that will help you to understand what’s really happening in your hiring process. Contact Advorto today.

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