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What You Really Should Know About HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 31 Jan 2017

Technology is continuing to transform recruitment strategies, although British employers are still lagging behind the rest of the world. Nearly half of all UK CEOs (47%) are failing to deal with the effect of automation and AI on their businesses, according to PwC. If you’re still resisting that first step towards technology, here are five things you really should know about HR software that might change your mind:-

It deals with that mounting CV pile : For many hiring teams, the volume of unsuitable CVs is holding up their recruiting efforts. Over 60% of UK workers apply for jobs they aren’t qualified for, that’s according to new research. Totaljobs latest Employment Index also reveals that job applications rose by 11% in the last quarter of 2016. The number of applications per vacancy increased by 18% in the same period. That suggests that the majority of CVs on your desk are unlikely to match the requirements of your job post. Applicant tracking software simplifies the screening process by sifting CVs according to your company wide and job specific criteria, so the applications that reach your desk are more likely to be close match candidates – and you’re less likely to lose talent by taking too long to respond.

Your candidates are happier : A failure to communicate with job seekers in your recruitment funnel leads to a poor candidate experience. Advorto’s recruitment software helps to prevent that with a fully featured candidate portal that enables you to engage consistently with your applicants through automated e-mail and text messages. All communication can be personalised to enhance your employer brand and all of our candidate portals are mobile-optimised and fully responsive, making it easy for talent to browse your open jobs and apply via any device. The Totaljobs survey found that one in five employers struggle to fill vacancies for up to six months. A better candidate experience will help to reduce this figure.

It picks up that long commute : Qualifications aside, the logistics of the every day commute to work is a factor to be considered in the success of a new hire. One in four employees now spend the equivalent of a whole month commuting to work each year. A regular lengthy commute will take its toll on even the most motivated and loyal employee. Your recruitment software can quickly flag up a potential issue with your candidate’s location and give you time to consider practical alternatives such as flexible working.

Never miss a background check again : A worrying 42% of UK employers fail to carry out background checks in their hiring process. 38% fail to confirm the right of an employee to work in the UK (risking a maximum fine of £20,000 per person for skipping your background check). Recruitment software automates those critical compliance checks and reference requests. Background checks should be carried out on all of your employees, even temporary workers. Advorto’s recruitment software has its own inbuilt links to DBS and other accredited checking agencies. 

It works with your business : Whether you’re the owner of a SME and new to HR technology or a global business with an ongoing need for large scale recruitment management, Advorto’s recruitment software is designed to meet your unique requirements. It is also easy to use, requires no training and is simple to upgrade to help you achieve your talent acquisition goals.

Find out more about HR technology. Our world class recruitment software  helps you to hire better people faster. Start your 30 day trial today.

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