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The Changing Graduate Job Search

Posted by Kate Smedley on 23 Aug 2017

In a candidate driven jobs market, the preferences and search habits of talent is often subject to change. These emerging trends may be affecting your ongoing graduate recruitment strategy:-

Top talent acts now : A new Korn Ferry report has found that the first term of a student’s final year is believed to be the optimum time to attract ambitious graduate talent. Start your 2018 graduate recruitment campaign this Autumn to engage with the people your business needs. Korn Ferry notes that only 1% of employers consider final grades to be the most important factor in candidate selection, instead soft skills such as drive and passion are considered a priority. Pre-hire screening including gamification and online psychometric assessments enable you to fast track candidates with the attributes to succeed in your organisation.  

Graduates are staying at home : A new study from The Resolution Foundation revealed a fall in the number of workers prepared to move from their region or employer to find a job. The results are influenced largely by the reluctance of young graduates to relocate for a new role. The rise in the percentage of graduates employed in jobs which don’t require a degree is also thought to be affected by this trend. Employers planning for their new graduate intake should be aware of the job search changes affecting their region and sector. Your recruitment analytics will enable HR to identify and predict graduate recruitment patterns. 

Evidence of ethics is a priority : Regardless of the soaring salaries on offer for highly skilled candidates, top graduate recruits are searching for ethical employers. Over 9 out of 10 students would be more attracted and motivated to work for employers who pay a living wage to all of their staff. Over two thirds of graduates also prioritise ethical practices in their prospective employer when searching for a job, emphasising the importance of a positive brand message. According to the CIPD, employer branding ‘promises a particular kind of employment experience’. The way in which you respond to your graduate candidates through the hiring process defines what that may mean in your business. Ensure your ethics and brand message are clearly promoted across your company website, job posts and careers page.

Low quality internships affect hiring success : The number of internships has doubled this year but the quality has been frequently criticised. A survey from Lloyds Banking Group found that over half of interns spend their time carrying out menial tasks such as photocopying, printing or making cups of tea. Four out of five interns also believe that their internship was of benefit only to the employer and share their experience on social media. Well structured, paid internships can provide your business with a qualified talent pool for your future graduate vacancies. 

Job hoarding is still a thing : Last year’s emerging trend of job hoarding (continuing to look for a job after accepting an offer) is likely to continue while skills in areas such as tech, healthcare and engineering remain in short supply. Our previous article offers more detailed advice on how to prevent last minute graduate job offer rejections. Salary, a negative experience at interview, delays in your recruitment process and procrastination in your final candidate selection all affect acceptance (or otherwise) of your job offer. Review the data in your recruitment software for insight into this area. 

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