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4 Tech Initiatives To Attract Graduate Talent

Posted by Kate Smedley on 21 Jun 2017

Reneging on job offers, concerns over retention and Brexit are just some of the issues facing graduate employers this summer. Incorporating tech initiatives such as virtual reality into your hiring process can help to address these problematic areas. Here's how:-

Virtual reality

A study from Universum found that while only 3% of people currently use virtual reality (VR), nearly a third believe it will play a significant role in transforming their workplace in the next decade.[1] VR technology can also be integrated through your recruitment software into your hiring process to create effective online pre-hire assessments and evaluate key skills such as problem solving.

Your office space is also becoming a significant factor in whether or not a candidate decides to accept a job offer. Research suggests that over half of all job seekers reject a job offer if they aren’t happy with their proposed workspace.

Virtual tours offer a way around this challenge by introducing candidates to their potential employer and providing a direct insight into company culture. PwC recently launched a new initiative aimed at attracting millennial candidates and enhancing its employer brand. Its ‘You Visit’ page offers potential recruits a virtual tour of its Boston office, showcasing employee workspace, a gym and office rooftop space. The video is presented at University careers’ fairs in the US and the company reports a positive response from potential young talent. In this example, virtual reality is used as a differentiator and promoting PwC as an innovative, forward thinking employer. 

Online or video interviews provide a straightforward way of incorporating VR into your graduate recruitment process. PwC carries out interviews through Google Hangouts’ voice and video app as part of its strategy. Video screening can again be easily incorporated through your recruitment software.

Augmented reality

In another innovative recruitment solution to source and fast track talent, Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with virtual band Gorillaz to recruit up to 5,000 staff. The campaign incorporates a video which promotes the Gorillaz app and takes applicants through a two part screening process which includes code breaking challenges. Selection criteria is focused on skills and ability rather than qualifications. While not aimed exclusively at young people, this principle can be incorporated into graduate recruitment processes[2] to provide better engagement and an improved candidate experience. It also offers a more rapid hiring process for employers keen to attract people with hard to source skills.

Gamification and online simulation

Gamification is increasingly featured in graduate recruitment programmes as it offers better candidate experience and is easily integrated within your HR software. Last year we reported on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s use of online simulation in screening graduates to assess 'attention spans and brain activity'. This additional layer of screening enabled RBS to provide applicants with more tailored feedback as well as an improved candidate fit to address issues of retention.

Extend your social recruiting

Social recruiting plays a significant role in attracting graduate recruits but you may need to look beyond your traditional social media channels. McDonald’s is one of the latest brands tapping into the millennial talent pool of Snapchat where 45% of its 300 million monthly users are between 18-34 years old.

For companies still evaluating the most effective social recruitment sites the ‘obvious’ places of Facebook and Twitter offer a good starting point. In January of this year, the Financial Times[3] reported on Deutsche Bank turning to social media to expand its graduate recruitment funnel. In this example, the bank utilised sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to monitor the online activity of University students in order to assess whether they may be suitable for a career in banking. Within the first two weeks 250 potential graduate recruits were identified through this process. The initiative was described as the ‘first of its kind for a bank’.

Monitoring the success of your social recruitment strategy through your recruitment software allows your business to focus its resources and engage directly – and more relevantly - with graduate talent.

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