Is Your Talent Acquisition Strategy In Need Of An Overhaul?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 4 Oct 2016

A recruitment funnel that’s missing qualified candidates is the sign that there’s something wrong with your hiring process but is it in need of a complete overhaul? Here are six signs it might be.

What employer brand?

Your brand must be authentic to attract talent into your pipeline. CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behaviour study found that 64% of candidates research a company before submitting a job application. If the information they’re looking for isn’t readily available or reveals a company with a less than positive image, over a third of them will explore other vacancies. We’ve seen an all too real example of this in action this week. Staff shortages and strike action have caused disruption to Southern Rail for some time but when the company urged commuters to tweet transport union RMT to vent their frustration, it backfired. Customers held the rail company entirely responsible for the staff shortages it faces. The perception is one of a brand that does not care for either its customers or its people.

You’re still not mobile

In the UK we are addicted to mobile devices, collectively checking them up to one billion times every day. Deloitte’s 2016 UK Mobile Consumer Survey found that nearly half of 18-24 year olds even check their device during the night and one in ten of us reach for our smartphones as soon as we wake up. Tap into the advantages of mobile recruitment with HR software which offers full functionality for both candidates and hiring managers on all mobile and tablet devices. It is a simple and effective way of ensuring your business isn’t missing out on qualified candidates browsing potential job opportunities.

It’s all too complicated

Employers invest time and effort creating strategies to attract talent job seekers only to lose them at the final hurdle with a complex application process. If your entire process takes more than 15 minutes and asks for the same information to be submitted several times you’re losing qualified candidates. Keep it simple with a registration of interest that captures vital contact details and enables HR to follow-up quickly with qualified applicants. Transfer ‘close match’ candidates to your talent community and stay in touch with regular company updates and news about upcoming vacancies.

You under-estimate the power of text

Deloitte found that nearly one third (31%) of people no longer use their mobile device or smartphone to make traditional calls, preferring to communicate via text or instant message. We explored the potential for text interviews in a previous article. It may be a step too far for your business right now but at the very least, scheduled automated text updates should be a key component of your talent acquisition strategy. Applicant tracking software provides candidates with regular text alerts on the progress of their application, allows them to self-schedule interviews and ensures final reminders are sent prior to interview.

Talent is kept waiting

Leaving candidates waiting weeks to hear back about an application or ‘ghosting’ them following an interview isn’t acceptable but nor is it uncommon. If talented candidates go AWOL from your pipeline, it is probably down to a hiring process on overload. Check your HR metrics to evaluate the time it’s taking for you to respond to job applications or invest in recruitment software that will take care of the basics for your business by screening candidates, improve hiring time and enhance that all important candidate experience.

You still resist technology

UK employers are falling behind on technology. Only 2% of FTSE 350 companies employ a dedicated Board member to drive tech strategy, according to a new report which also recommends that the role of Chief Technology Officer should feature as standard in all companies. Technology is vital to maintain a competitive edge in sourcing people with business critical skills and creating a hiring process that aligns with your business goals.

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