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How To Solve Issues With HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 2 May 2017

Employers new to HR software are often tempted to give up and revert to their ‘more reliable’ manual recruitment systems if it doesn’t instantly meet their expectations. Early teething problems are easy to resolve. Here’s how:-

Evaluate your hiring strategy  : HR software won’t fix underlying issues in your hiring process. Last week saw yet another warning that HR must prepare for the worst case scenario in order to avoid being left behind on ‘Brexit day’. Right now that may seem like someone else’s problem for HR teams faced with a mounting pile of CVs to screen, another resignation letter on your desk and a new HR software system to familiarise yourself with. Carrying out a full review of your hiring strategy prior to introducing your new technology increases your chance of faster recruitment success. 

Focus on your screening criteria : Relying on the same criteria to screen candidates perpetuates existing problems. Adjust the screening criteria in your applicant tracking software to expand and diversify your talent pool. For more effective screening, the use of additional tools such as psychometric testing or video screening will help to provide a closer candidate match.

Review your recruitment data : Data provided by the analytics in your HR software reveals where candidates are leaving your pipeline and enables you to resolve those issues. A lengthy application process is easily addressed with a registration of interest or offering candidates the ability to apply with their CV or LinkedIn profile. Likewise, automating basic elements of your onboarding process enables HR to pay attention to high attrition rates among new hires. 

Prepare for mobile recruitment : HR software offers mobile friendly recruitment but your business must be prepared for it. People in the UK look at their smartphones collectively over one billion times every day. Ensure your recruitment software provides a mobile responsive, seamless transition from your corporate to your careers site to engage with talented candidates.

Be in the 12% : 88% of hiring teams express remorse over their HR tech decisions. Be one of the 12% of teams that are happy with their recruitment software decision. Trial your recruitment software before making your final decision. Technology should be easy to use and scalable to suit the goals and hiring needs of your business. Involve your hiring team in the trial period to gather feedback and make the decision that aligns with your business goals and where you are today. 

Don’t dive into HR analytics : To quote Fiona Jamison in an article from HR Executive Online, ‘For many in HR, asking them to manage analytics is like asking them to bake a soufflé, when all they've ever baked is bread’. Don’t try to analyse everything at once. Focus on the basic hiring metrics that can make a difference to your hiring process such as your time to hire.  Talent is on the market for just 10 days so a hiring process that is slow to respond to qualified candidates will jeopardise your ability to achieve your business goals.

Join the 12% of hiring teams that are happy with their recruitment software decision. Invest in Advorto's world class recruitment software. Contact us today to find out more.  

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